Mar 23, 2010

Portraits: Ana-Sofia + Rini & Faith

Spontaneity happens to be my middle name. If you're cool with spontaneity, you're cool with me. Sometimes spontaneity makes for the best photoshoots.
A few days ago I got together with one of my dear friends, Ana-Sofia for a picnic get together/photoshoot fun because she's been living in Mexico City for the last few months and we needed to catch up on all the time we've been apart.
Meet my favorite green eyed mexican, Ana-Sofia. Or 'Topi' as I love to call her, which was a nickname her brother gave her at some point when they were younger ... and I happened to love it. And though she's only half Mexican, she's 100% amazing and I love her to pieces.
Ana and I have been friends ever since middle school. We met in Poe Singers (you may have noticed most of my dear friends from highschool are the ones I met in choir), and we've been close ever since. The first thing you probably wanna ask when you see her is, are you a model? And friends, I feel the same way 'cause even now after a good 10 year of being friends her beauty still amazes me.
The camera just loooves her, and that I know very well. If you take a look at my black and white film portfolio from high school, it's filled with mostly pictures of her. Ana's always been 'my model' dispite not following that modeling career she almost started, but instead pursued the fashion industy as a designer.
Topi's definitely not just a pretty face, she's instanely talented and she's going to have an ammmazing fashion line someday in the near future. She just graduated with a degree in fashion this past year and if you've seen her collections of silk gowns and pretty little cocktail dresses you'd probably be as convinced as I am that she's going to make it big one day!!
And though she was so beautifully modeling my headbands and hats,
her work definitely puts my work to shame.
To top it all of Ana is just an amazing friend. She's sweet, caring, silly, and a genuine girl.
Just yesterday we spent 3 hours in the pouring rain running, walking and talking about life along a 15 mile trail. We are two pretty different girls but our friendship continues to remain the same through out the years.
Sheeshhh she's gorgeous and makes everything she wears look soo good.
It's no wonder she won 'most fashionable' for our senior superlatives.
Let me not fail to mention that the day we shoot this,
... the light was yummmmmmmmmmmmy.

Did I mention Ana is rediculously tall, with legs for days??
She's such hot stuff she stopped traffic at this park we were at and other photographers started popping up from no where basking in her beauty as well. I could hear hear them snapping away over my shoulder probably convinced Ana was a real model. Heheh. Such good times.
Oh Topi, how I love you!! You are the best and thank you thank you for our awesome dates.
Who cares if our boyfriend are jealous, lol. Kidding!!! Love you Ana!
Lastly, there was reason behind this madness of an amazing photoshoot, and that was that I needed a dire update to my handmade shop for the spring. Rini & Faith is my other labor of love, and so many of you (in the photography biz) have been so supportive of me and my shop I wanted to make sure the work I had in my shop was up to par too. So thank you! Handmade baby!!!!!!!
Spring is here, now go have yourself some fun as well!
Grab a friend and go for a picnic ... I promise you'll have a good time!!!

**ps ... why do I always look like a midget next to Ana? HAHAHAHAH
Till next time,
Reeses Pieces friends!!!!!!!!


  1. SOOOOOO pretty!!! love these pics :)

    - Jessica Smart

  2. O goodness . . . I love these pictures, I love this post, and I love you :)
    Can we please pretty please try to squeeze in a photoshoot when I come visit you? Yes yes please :)
    I loooove you!
    O yes, and I am trotting right over to your shop and taking a look at your new stuff, because those headbands are RIDIC amazing. I'm not sure I can live without that big red one. ;)

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous - the colours are just stunning.

  4. She is gorgeous! And the light was YUMMEH.

  5. icaaaaa!! i must say that i super love your photos, your craftiness and everything else that God blessed you with! maybe ill start saving up my coins and purchase some headbands soon! miss you!! let's reunite on the same coast! love you!! <3 mel

  6. i LOVE your headbands:) i should probably sneak over to your store and purchase one...yeah! ;)

    p.s. i love her name. ana-sofia. holy gorgeousness!

  7. Gorgeous! Everything... your shots, the light, that amazingly stunning friend of yours. I love these!!!

  8. wow sister! beautiful! everything! and i am in LOVE with that new red headband you put together! *gasp*

  9. these are so beautiful in every way! the light is soo stunning! :D and i love that camera!