Apr 6, 2010

Personal: Easter-ing with my fambam

Meet my heart.
Besides my love for my Savior, my family holds the biggest part of my heart. And spending the weekend celebrating the grace of our Savior and the gift of salvation with them was absolutely perfect. Besides being my family, my mom and my sister are also my best friends. E.E. Cummings could not more perfectly summed up the relationship we share by stating, "I carry your heart with me." That's exactly how I feel with the both of them.
My sister reminds me to always be better; in character, in heart, and in all that I do. She reminds me that my character should never be affected by the character of others, but to simply stand true in who the Lord has made me to be, being gracious and loving even when it's hard, making good decisions along the way. And that in both good times and bad, we'll always, always have each other.
Though we are different in quite a lot of things, 
we are sisters ... and she knows me better than anyone else.
And I love her ever so much.
As for mother, 'she'da she'da best'!!!! The older I get, the more I really appreciate ever she's done for me and my sister, all by herself. I know my dad would be super proud of the three of us, and how we've taken care of each other with out him here. But the ideals, and foundation he built this family on have never left us ... but simply keep us growing stronger, because it is in the Lord that we do all things. 
 We are a pretty crazy bunch, and we are definitely not perfect ... but we are family, we are friends, and we are sister's in Christ. And this Easter, as it is ever Easter, it was a blessing to serve in the ministry along side them. Sister and I are both on the worship team, sister on the guitar, and I as a singer. And the three of us are also part of the church choir, where Mother is the choir director. Diongzon girls stick together, what can I say.
As for my {almost} brother, who I call brother any ways ... he is without a doubt family too. And in five months, it will be official ... I can't believe sister's wedding is already feeling sooo close.
I love these two to bits and pieces.
I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend was as wonderful as mine, and hope you got to spend it with the ones you love. This last week has been a big blessing, there's so much more to share.

Happy Tuesday Friends.

**ps, sorry in advance if I fall off of the face of the blogging world in the next month or so ... It's going to be a chaotic two months for me personally and with work of all sorts {photography wise and beyond} so please bare with me, i'll try to do my best not to be a stranger.


  1. i love your photos! what kind of camera do you use and do you do much editing?

    lauren marie

  2. i love love love and mis mis misssss you guys <3

  3. love the photos :) i have to be totally random and ask - what tool do you and joan use to curl your hair?? you both look fabulous!!

  4. aww thanks linda, to be honest we use our straighter to curl our hair, funny ... but true ... i'm curling iron retarded now ... hahah