Apr 9, 2010

Personal: Oh Spring!

Cherry trees, allergies, and all the in betweens ... I think I have a case of spring fever.
Two weeks ago I got to spend alot of time with my favorite person, my boyfriend.

Besides tons of birthday celebrating, we spent one of our days together down by the cherry trees.
Around this time every year, the tidal basin turns into a frenzy of pretty pink petals and a stampede of tourist and locals alike coming to take in the view.
And without fail, every year we are graced with the beauty of these lovely blossoms.
Growing up with DC as my backyard, I've seen these trees bloom and grow each year.
But as many times as I've seen them, I still can never tire of their beauty. 
Which is probably how every other Washingtonian feels, right?
Whether their up in the trees,
Or down on the ground,
 Or down in the tidal basin ...
These cherry trees are quite lovely.
My boyfriend and his sister thought the other trees were lovely too ... hahahah.
If you're in town this weekend, the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade is on Saturday
{but make sure you take the metro ... coz I'm sure parking will be even more impossible}
Dear Cherry Blossoms, I like you alot. And .... I like my boyfriend alot too, my dear boyfriend who snaps pictures of me so that I that I don't forget to, and so that I have memories to keep at the end of the day as well. (There are many days that I have my camera on me and I am not in a single picture, but when I'm with him ... he doesn't let the day go by without snapping a few of me for keeps. Some times, I don't even know he snapped them till I get home and look through my camera)
Thanks for always being my photographer dear.
great times guys!!!
I hope my boyfriend's roommate doesn't kill me for posting this ... but I just had to ... it's to precious. Chris you work that flower better than me!!

Besides the daily grind, our working town knows how to have fun and smell the roses, err ... blossoms.
Happy Spring, where ever you are friends!!!


  1. :):) I love cherry blossoms and spring! :)

  2. beautiful post dear! the trees are beautiful and so are you :)