Apr 3, 2010

Personal: Envelopes

This week has been pretty chaotic for me, and I haven't been home in a few days to help get everything back in order ... so when you take a look around me and my sister's room things have been tossed left and right. {But we're getting things back in to order people ... I promise}

Of the things lying around our room I can see two really recent, and special envelopes.
I love my sister and her handmade card she made me.
You can now offcially call me 'MOH" {Maid of Honor}.
Oh how I can't wait for your wedding dearest big sister.

i love you! - baby sister

This other specially card came with a little package of love.

Birthday presents are birthday presents even they are a few days late. And this was sent by my dearest friend Jessica Shae. I love me my mugs {you'd think I collect them .. coz I have so many} and ohhhh how I love Anthropologie, though I can hardly afford it. Lastly, I have this love-hate relationship with monograms ... I love them but hate them because I can NEVER find a cute I. Jessica Shae has showed me otherwise.


  1. :D:D Yay, MOH! I have the same Anthro mug! Well, mine has an S on it. :D I got it in Santa Monica! :D:D

  2. woot woot! The mug made it on the blog. . .you must REALLY like it ;)

    Loooove you!