May 28, 2010

Personal: M.I.A.

I'm still alive, I promise.

I realized everything has been "personal" lately here on my blog & I'm 1 wedding, 2 portrait sessions, 1 party, 1 graduation, 1 photographer get together {with the darling Sherry Lu} and 1 engagement shoot ... behind on blog posts. I know, I know ... I should be getting better at this by now ... but I'm not, soo chorry. Life seems to be flying by a little too quickly these days, finding time to blog is nearly impossible. But when I catch a break, I promise I'll be back ok.

Besides all the exciting things that have happened lately ... here are even more exciting things that are coming my way.

-My last May wedding is tomorrow .... I can't believe this month is over.
-Followed by the full-out-sprint we like to call the month of June.
June entails a plethora of birthdays in my family and my boyfriend's
{my mom, his mom, my sister, his sister, and his brother}
-Then my second Georgia wedding at the end of the month
-Then the Freedom Tour 2010 in DC
-And the reckless adventures that are bound to happen in a the month of June

phew ..... That was a mouth full.

Not to mention I have a part time retail job and an online business to take care of every other day of the week. But such is life, and you know what they say. When life hands you lemons ... make sure your lemonade is super sweet so you got energy to last you all summer long. Bwahahah. Ok, maybe they don't say that ... but they should.

Anyways ... if you've read through this entire entry, or have simply glanced at my blog .. thank's for thinking of me and for stopping by, it means more than I can say. I'm sincerely touched that you've made me part of your day. Here's a little tune for you because you're awesome, followed by a teaser to prove that I'm still hard at work.
"I'm in this crazy love {for photography} for the long haul .. so think of me."
Lastly .. please excuse the ghetto fabulous-ness, I know a cell phone picture of my camera's LCD screen is quite ridiculous, but I love love love this photo, and the people in it. I can't wait to show you more from my sister's engagement shoot, so sit tight and have some patience with me .. because it'll be worth it ... I promise.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!
**and to one of my boyfriend's best friends ... Happy Wedding Day Chad & Jessica, my heart aches knowing I'm not there to shoot your big day ... but I'll be praying for nothing but love, and happiness glore for you both and for God's gracious blessings as you both live happily ever after. Ps. Make sure Boston give me back my boyfriend, I kind of miss him. Thank you!


  1. :):) Can't wait to see all the good stuff from all the blog posts you're behind on. Including my tragic face. Hahaha. MISS YOU :) Wish I could make it out to DC again soon!

  2. sherry lu i miss you too!!! man everything seems to rhyme with your name. LOL ... and yes I can't wait to blog your pretty face ... but I'm truly nervous about seeing my face on your blog, you're lucky if you got 1 non-akward shot out of me!!! bwahahah .. come back so we can play some more ok? us nikon gals gotta stick together!!