Jun 2, 2010

Portraits: Author - Monda Webb

Life is like a Soul Train line.

Sounds like a good book tittle huh? Well, don't try to use it because Monda beat us all to the punch. This amazing vivacious independent woman Monda Webb, is a beautiful writer, poet and now my friend .. whom I had the pleasure shooting photos of for her latest poetry book, 'Life is like a Soul Train line'.
 Monda is amazing. She's already written and published a novel, a poetry book, and now her novel 7:33am ... its in the works in becoming a movie. Geez ... Monda, you are truly talented and ammmazing.
Did I mention she's beautiful? Both inside and out.
See? Well here's one of many wonderful poems ... only to prove how beautiful her soul is too.

When you're beautiful 
I perceive
That it's easier to deceive
Helen of Troy
Beauty her ploy
Would there have been a Trojan War
If she'd been ugly or  aboy?

Beauty can be blind
But inner beauty is one of a kind
Beauty in the heart is
Only beauty in part

Beauty is more than a body or face
Beauty is an image that lights up a dark place
Beauty is a baby making baby talk

Beauty is conceving
Beauty is achieving
A goal
Beauty is one of the keys to my soul

-Monda Webb

Yup, Monda is pretty amazing.
And omgeezz ... does she know how to work the camera. HOT MONDA HOT!

Look at that cute little smirk. I swear she's done this before, hehe.

Anyways ... side story.
I don't know if this has happened to any other photographers ... but as Monda and I were walking around Georgetown University's stunning campus some how my client turned into the photographer. I was showing her where I wanted her to stand and what I wanted her  to do ... then she said "WAIT! GIVE ME YOUR CAMERA! I NEED TO TAKE THIS PICTURE OF YOU!" .. True story.
My clients are pretty bomb, and skilled might I add. I definitely didn't see this one coming but I wanted to post it for Monda .. because she might have a career in photography one day too. Lol. And yes, I wore jean shorts too our shoot ... Monda's simply that laid back.
You know what else Monda has? Swag. Yes, I said swag. As we were walking along the streets of our city {Washington D.C.} we were both talking about how slowly but surely everyday D.C. seems to find a little more swag, and people like Monda help it along the way. The arts industry, even the fashion industry seem to be growing daily in our area, and though we'll always be a 'working town' ... I think we've got it going on.
Surely Monda has is going on.
Monda it was a simply a pleasure working with you. You inspire me to keep working hard and set goals that are even higher than I think are attainable. Thank you for that and I wish you nothing but the best for this next book of yours.

Here website will be up soon .. so keep checking in on her HERE.


  1. Irene -- Thank you ever so much. What a wonderful recap. You are simply amazing and beautiful and talented and sweet. Much love and let's get you on a still photographer on our movie! You rock, hon!

  2. Awww Monda you're the best!! I'm sooo there!

  3. it's all true... miss monda has a beautiful spirit, and it comes through in these GREAT photos!

  4. Love the photos! Wow. You certainly captured Monda's personality.