May 11, 2010

Personal: Oh how I love them SOOC!

OK, so I've only having had my new camera for over a week now, and I've learned this much;
An awesome camera makes me lazy at editing, true story. The colors and the creamy-ness are so good straight out of the camera ... I don't really want to touch most of my pictures. The only thing I'd really want to do is sharpen them, but that's it.

Anywhos ... beside my bride and groom ... my sister and {almost} brother were stunning and beaming with love too.
Oh how i love them SOOC! straight out of the camera baby!!!
Engagement pictures? Hahah .. not exactly {we still need to go all out for that in the near future} but they'd pass for engagement pictures in my book. Gosh I love them, and as mushy as they get around me ... I thoroughly enjoy every second of it, because I love seeing them in love, and happy and excited about their future together.

Dearest Sister and Terrence, you two SOOC so wonderfully and I love it. And you both.


  1. those are STUNNING ICA

    and you look FAB jo!!!!!


  2. Omigosh. SOOC looks AMAZING. (I'm so checking out your camera when we meet!) :D:D:D

  3. i rented a d700 for my first weddings (which i shot 2 weeks ago) and felt exactly the same! sooc was gorgeous!