May 10, 2010

Personal: Jammed Packed

Jammed packed doesn't even come close to explaining this weekend. Every second of each day since Wednesday evening has been go-go-go like Diego ... but worth every once of blood, sweat, and tears.

*First order of business, Happy Mother's days moms! Sorry for blogging a greeting so late ... but as you can imagine me n my sis, and the rest of my church were busy loving on my mom and the rest of the amazing mothers in our lives .. all day long.
{*taken from Easter Sunday}

And to my mama: I LOVE YOU HOMIE! {yup my mom's cool like that} ... But seriously ... Mother you'da you'da best. Thank you for being such a strong, beautiful, godly, woman ... setting the bar super high for me and ate to follow in your footsteps. I love you choe much, more than a million cupcakes!! Love, Your Palanga {well the baby one}

OK ... rewinding back a few days ...

Dave Barnes.Live.
Ammmmmmmmmmmmmazing. Need I say more?
If you are reading this and don't know who Dave Barnes is ... please stop and takes a second to watch his music video for his latest single. Seriously ... we'll be waiting ... go press play and enjoy {....whistling...} ...
Amazing ey? And that's not even my favorite song of his .. sigh .. he's so good he made me want to dig my guitar out from under my bed a groove, which I did today at church ... but I'm no Dave Barnes, and I'm no dude either. LoL. Oh and this man is hilarious ... just check out THEdavebarnes youtube page. The workout video = classic.

Besides the show, and experiencing Dave Barnes' ammazing talents live ... the company I was in was amazing as well. Big sis, Ana and I had a blast and even stuffed our tummies silly too.

There's nothing like great music live I tell ya.
I went all teenage-super-fan at the end ... saying 'get me closer' and 'let's use the pop up flash' when he decided to sing Little Lies in the middle of the venue. Sigh ... good times. And he's playing near you any time soon .. you better go, or you'll be sorry you didnt!

Before I end here, though this post is lacking all logos {even the image below}
I did want to share a little teaser of work.
Friday all day I got to hang out and shoot photos of author, poet, and now friend .. Monda Webb ... and can I just say... girl got swag! More to come about Miss Monda.
 Oh and Saturday's wedding too. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts and feelings about all of Saturday's blessing ... but that's gonna take awhile coz my heart is so full .. I'm left speechless still.

Monday ... I'm kind of sad you are already back.

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