May 3, 2010

Personal: Teasers and good things!!

New Camera, beautiful friends, sunny weekends and straight-out-of-the-camera goodness.
Sad that this weekend has already ended, it was simply delightful. More is on it's way, just you wait. For now enjoy this awesome SOOC shot from my darling new d300. 
And this lovely shot my dearest Hope captured while I was in "the zone" .. and yes, in a dress.
Oh the stories to tell, stick around and you'll definitely hear more about it. Hope you ahad a great weekend too!


  1. Cutie pie pictures!!! Love 'em!

  2. yay for new cameras! i rented a d700 this past weekend (to shoot my first wedding!) and i fell so in love with it i ALMOST didn't give it back. so yummy! - and the colours sooc? ugh. perfect. :)