Jun 21, 2010


Guess who just got a makeover? Hehe .. yep you guessed it right!!! Ica Images!!

I'm thrilled to finally have my newly designed blog up and running!! I haven't changed urls, other than http://icaimages.com hehe ... so no need to go searching for me somewhere else. I'm here at my usual spot, and though I've been lacking on blog posts lately I HAVE been here working hard on this new design. I know I know, if you're a blogspot user they have all these new gadgets and widgets that let you spice up your page on the spot ... sadly, I was the last one to know about this and started redesigning my blog from scratch a few weeks ago.  From scratch: as in  html code after html code!  My boyfriend knows how hard I work on this, and even helped me along the way ... I guess you can say he was my editor of some sort coz he gave me the A-OK after ever new little tweak! So thank you boyfriend!!! You're amazing!

So yup ... html codes have been my life for the last few weeks. What can I say,  thankfully graphic design school wasn't a complete waste. I also did give blogger's new design tools a try ... but at the end of the day I definitely liked the outcome of my own work a bit better. Plus ... I didn't want hours of redesigning to go to waste with just a push of a few buttons. 

So ... with no further adieu .... TADA!!!!!! Here is my Monday - BLOG - Makeover!

Everything feels a bit similar to my last design, but with easier navigating and a grown up touch! I hope you like it, and I'd love to hear what you think .. {but please be kind, I'm no web designing jock, I just do what I can!}

***And yes I have twitter ... I've had it for a little less than a year now. But I've never used it and I need a little bit of convincing on why I should. I'm pretty boring on a day to day basis, only unless you want to hear about my solo dance parties in my room all alone ... seriously, it's that or me knitting for hours ... so I really don't know what you guys wanna know, but hey, when I figure out how to tweet and what to tweet you can find me : here. ***

Happy Monday!!!


  1. I. LOVE. THIS.
    todeath :)

    And now I think it's time to set up a little Ica/Jessica workshop wherein you teach me some of your amazingness and I in turn give you . . . um, an amazing back rub? ;)

  2. Love the new design! It's so elegant....the pop of color in the header is nice too.

  3. ooooh i love it! how did you make the rotating header? i'm in love! great job ica! :)))

  4. -you´re new blog design is AMAZING! can def. see all the hardwork you put into it! did you completely design all of the css and html stuff?
    -i´ve been following your photography for a while now...and you´re photography is AMAZING!
    -and your heart after the lord. equally amazing!
    everything.. amazing! ;)