Jun 4, 2010

Personal: June Fourth

June 4th is kindda a big day in my family.

Happiest Birthday Big Sister!!!
I love you to pieces, and hope you enjoyed your midnight candles & celebration as always ... and your pretty little dress and headband. Youzz a 10 girl!!! But really, you're gorgeous Ate ... both inside and out. I love you and thank you for always setting the bar high for me, even when I fail to reach it .. you still so graciously love me and push me to be better. Lastly thank you for introducing me to photography way back when ... you've given me something I will forever be grateful for, a joy and a passion I love and adore.
The other reason why today is a very special day, is that it is 27 years since the day my parents got married. Though my dad is no longer with us, the love he had for God and for my family ... is still a very tangle love today. In day-to-day conversations my mom still says to me and my sister "You're dad wouldn't have like that." {if we're being bad} or when it comes to our personalities, "You get that from your dad" or sometimes she'd tell us how smart he was, with numbers or with The Word ... and how  he was soo loved by his peers and his friends, attributes that me any my sister aim for daily ... but not so much the numbers part. When ever my mom talks about him, I can still see the love in her eyes, and though it still makes me want to cry somedays ... I can't help but smile whenever I do see it.

It's an honor and privilage every time I get to shoot a wedding because to be frank, I've not seen many pictures from my own parents' wedding ... and right now I really couldn't tell you where there are if I tried to look for them, because there are so few and I'm sure my mom has them hidden in a very special place. Though whenever they do surface, I'm captivated by one of the most beautiful brides, my mom ... and a groom like no other .. my dad. If I find them again soon ... I'll make sure to share them, and hopefully make copies while I'm at it, but we'll see how long that will be. In a silly way I'd like to think that my parent's had something to do with my love for photography too. The very few memories I have of my dad, and of my parents together ... are all memories captured on film. I was far to young to remember much, so to have photographs to remind me where I came from ... has been one of the greatest blessing. Every click of the camera allows me to pay it forward and give someone else memories that will last beyond their years.

Happy June 4th to you.
*and I love you sister.

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  1. Hey Ica!

    It's Rachel :) Happy birthday to Joan and happy anniversary to your parents! It's nice to hear about how your dad still lives on. He probably still scolds you whenever you do anything naughty through your mom!!

    Anyway, love your photography!