Jun 8, 2010

Wedding: Kurt + Cleo

A few weeks ago I started off my 2010 wedding season with a wedding near and dear to my heart.
A couple from my church was getting married, and they asked me to captured their day.
I'm still left kind of speechless when I think about this wedding ... because I've never been so blessed in the company of such a kind, selfless bride.
On any given day Ate {- older sister in my language} Cleo thinks of others first before her self. Her wedding day was no different, she made sure everyone else was taken care of and that everyone else was ok. To me that made her even that much more radiant and beautiful.
At my church, every wedding is a production carried through with the help of every member. Everyone pitches in, everyone has a part and for most weddings my big sis and my mom take charge of the flowers.  Would you believe me if I told you that my mom and my sister made all the flower arrangements, and bouquets for this wedding? Well they did, and I too took part by helping make most of the boutonnieres. We're not pros but we do what we can for the ones we love.
All morning Ate Cleo was so at ease, stunning and happy ... I loved it and ate it up like honey.
She cried when she saw the bouquet my mom made her and so graciously received them by gushed on and on about blessed she was to have someone make her bouquet out of love. After she was done gushing over the flowers she so lovely turned to me and for about 10 whole minutes said nothing but the most kind and encouraging words I've ever received from a bride on her wedding day. 

Ate Cleo took time out on her wedding day to tell me that she's praying for me and my photography business, and that she wishes all of my dreams to come true. She then went on saying how successful she knows I will become one day and how blessed she is by my work, not only with photography but in church as well.
......... sheeesh ........ 
I nearly cried my heart out when she said those things to me.

Mind you, she wasn't only like that to me that day ... but she managed to take time through out her wedding day to encourage many others as well. She would tell them how much she had been blessed and encouraged by them and how she's praying for them and love them. Some how she made her wedding day not just about her and her husband to be, but about everyone else too. I've never been so blessed by a bride.
Stunning I tell you, both inside and out.
I absolutely love when bridesmaids pray for the bride ... it takes me back to one of my best friends' wedding, where I was so privileged to be the one to pray for the bride the night before her wedding, as requested by a room full of my favorite women.
As for the groom, Kurt was pretty at ease ... with a hint of excitement/nervousness ... but I wouldn't have known had he not told me.
The church was so still ... but you could feel the love in the room.
And ...... sigh ...... they had one of the sweetest kisses I have ever seen. After they had kissed ... they just stared at each other with adoring eyes then placed their foreheads together for what might have been a second ... but felt like an eternity for me behind my camera ... and I just about died, it was precious.
Then at the end of the aisle in this little church ... they kissed once more
Then stepped into amazing sunshine, though the forecast called for thunderstorms.
The party started before ever leaving the church grounds.
And though I am silly and crazy ... riding the groom was not my idea, but I and glad I was there to capture it.
The boys weren't the only ones ready to have some fun ... the lovely ladies from my church know how to be silly too.
The rest of the day was spent listening to heartfelt speeches of the bride and groom, and from the bride and groom, eating delicious food, dancing and celebrating love and God's goodness. My heart was soo full.
I love love and I love {brother} Kurt and {Ate} Cleo so much.

... can't wait to post my other weddings too ...


  1. These are lovely; and her gown is really pretty! Also, she sounds like such an amazing lady! :D:D

  2. these are all so lovely and i love the processing! :D what a sweet wedding! (the flowers turned out so stunning too!)