Jun 9, 2010

Portraits: Sherry Lu {Vancouver Photographer}

There are some people in the world you just know you'll click with.
Sherry Lu is definitely one of them.  
After a blog-ful couple of months me and the talented Sherry Lu were finally able to meet. After going back and forth on when we could hang out during her East Coast visit, the day of my boyfriend's graduation seemed perfect. Sherry is spunky, adorable beyond belief, silly and a Nikon gal just like myself. What's not to love? Oh ... and she crafts. Need I say more?
There was never a dull moment when we were together, just ask my boyfriend. 
It seemed like we were old friend.
After spending time talking and laughing over dinner, Sherry, my boyfriend, and I were walking around College Park making our way to Yogiberry .. then saw this cute little area so we had to play around and shoot. Thankfully the boyfriend did not object and patient held our bags and waited till we were though. Sherry got me to go first, and took some silly and amazing pictures of muah .. then it was her turn.
She's ridiculous.
No seriously. Sherry is crazy fun.
I don't think we ever stopped laughing.
Sherry you are such a cutie!
Oh and of course what's Sherry without a headband? She just happened to wear my favorite color too!
Sherry Lu, you are too much fun and you need come back to the East Coast PRONTO! You and your Antro skirt, your ever so cute headbands, your lovely locks with those trademark bangs and that infection smile of yours! I'm serious! We're hanging out again!!!!!
I heart meeting other photographers ... especially really fun ones. Sherry Lu is amazing if you haven't checked her out ... you better, you'll be glad you did: Sherry-Lu.com
Wait ... last shots, YOGIBERRY!!!!!!!! We love us some lychee!

Zee End.


  1. ohhh you two! you're both sooo adorable:) can i steal that yellow wall by the way? ;)

    thanks for the lovely comment miss ica! <3

  2. thanks hun!!! and by all means go for it! it's next too UMD's College Park campus ... on Baltimore Ave, but just a heads up it's actually a Bar ... LOL .. we just got to it in daylight so it was deserted and lovely looking.

  3. OMG these are so much fun. You had me giggling all the way down the post. Fabulous shots, love all the colour!

  4. these are great! the color in the photos is amazing :)