Jul 9, 2010

Personal: A year ago ...

I was an Intern.
... for 1 amazing Kristen Leigh, along side 2 wonderful gals Jessica & Julia, for 1 unforgettable week.
This was the internship that got my photography where it is. And it was incredible.
I can't believe how quickly a year has flown by and how that one week last summer helped me grow in so many ways, both in photography and in life. Cheezy I know, but oh-so-very true. There are so many things I learned from that week that I still apply daily and can't be more grateful for having had such an opportunity. Can't believe how quickly this year has flow by.
I still laugh uncontrollably when I think about that the craziness of that week, and I smile from ear to ear thinking about the friend's I've made since. Friends I really do cherish, friends I will forever keep.
Julia I've missed the mostest because I haven't seen her since. But my oh my has this girl blessed my life with her friendship, her laugh, her adorable accent and our random but always encouraging talks and exchanging of texts. I love her so.
Besides photography, Julia's love and passion for God continually encourages me and drives me to have more of a servants heart like she does. Julia has dedicated her summer not to wedding photography as she hoped and planned for a year ago ... but to traveling from church to church to train leaders and teachers for VBS {Vacation Bible School}. Though I haven't talked to her much this summer, I can recall praying for her month's before summer began ... knowing that what ever she decided to do with her summer {weddings or VBS training} ... she was bound for great things.

{If you happen to read this Julia, please call me .. this little Filipino misses you, alot. <3}

Ok now for miss Jessica-Amazing-Shae. Though she supposedly lives in TX, I refuse to believe it because it seems like she's always here in DC or somewhere on the East Coast. {Seriously just move here already JessICA!!!}.
Out of all the girls I've seen Jessica the most, because I swear since the internship she's been living out of her suitcase flying around the country like it was her playground and she always seems to land somewhere near by. Since last year we've shared crazy late night talks about life, boys, photography ... and all the curve balls God throws our way, and for that I love her even more.
We've shared too many laughs to count out loud and she even made sure I got on the Twitter bandwagon fohsho! How can you not love a girl like that? Texas needs to hand you over and just leave you here already ... goosh! Lol .. I love you dear!

Now ... I've saved the best for last.
If it wasn't for this girl right here ... I really don't think I would have had the courage to be where I am with my photography. It was sometime about two years ago when I first found Kristen's blog and knew, I too had a chance to do what I love and really pursue photography .. despite my age, despite no college education in photography {though graphic design school didn't hurt me one bit}, and despite my fears and lack of knowledge ... I could do it, well with Kristen's help of course.

A year ago after our internship I simply blogged a lame-o "Thank you for taking the 3 of us on as your interns Kristen, you're the best!" but after all this time ... Kristen I owe you a much greater thank you then that. Really. I remembering one of our many conversations during our internship about paying it forward ... and if wasn't for your generous heart to teach us all you learned in photography from those who taught you, like from Sarah, who learned from David, who learned from who ever ... I wouldn't know as much as I do now. And if it weren't for you and the girls I'd probably be 'Irene Carole Photography' instead of Ica Images without my cutesy logo you girls help me dream up. Also you helped me make the goals I set for my photography in your cozy little office, attainable goals ... goals that I'm a slowly but surely reaching. Thank you for being amazing, and yes inspiring, and for being a friend. I love youzzz!
This is kindda where the story all began with Ica Images, or at least where this blog began. And if you've stuck around since the beginning {the internship} or have some how found your way to my blog with in this past year ... a million thank yous for continually coming back, for your support, your advice, your friendship and your love! I have been so very blessed. If this could happen all in one year ... who knows where I will be in another.

Thank you again & Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I LOVE this!!!!
    Awwww....It made me want to go back to those happy crazy days we had together and do it all over again!!! Who's up for an internship reunion?!?!?
    I miss you girlies and I second everything Ica darling already said, y'all are amazing and I miiiiiisssss you!

  2. oooh Jessica a reunion sound perfect ... we really need Julia to get back over here!!!

    And Rachel thanks for sticking around from the start ... :) you're awesome!

  3. Cool post!! I remember when ya'll went and I was sooo jealous of Jessica! haha!! :) Love your work!!

  4. Aw, that was so sweet and meaningful Ica! I love you a lot and I am ALL for a reunion. I'd love it :D :D :D

  5. You're wonderful - keep doing what you're doing!

  6. Paige you are such a doll and i love your work too!!

    Kristen ... <3 i love you too and reunite we shall!

    David! YOU are wonderful and thanks for being so passionate about helping other photographers and spreading that passion like wildfire .. it's some how trickled it's way down to me .. and for that I am forever greatful.

  7. This is so sweet! I have loved to watch you and Jessica grow in photography this past year! So great!

  8. ICA! I love you. i love you. i love you.

    really can't say it enough. can't believe that a year has flown by already.

    its been so exciting for me to watch your business grow and Jessica's too. God is blessing you girlies and it makes me smile!

    i don't know what God has in store right now but hopefully i'll be able to pour more time and energy into photography when school is over. and THEN we can have a much much needed reunion too.

    miss you!!!

  9. Those are adorable!!!! LOVE 'EM!

  10. Adorable pictures (You are totally gorgeous, did anyone ever tell you?) I was sooooo jealous of ya'll when you got to do that... I would SO do it in a heartbeat!! =)

  11. Sheesh! It only took you a year to get THIS far...I can't even imagine how awesome you're going to be in a few more years! :) Congrats! More and more good things to come, for sure!

  12. Julia I love you too baby girl! and the Lord has grrrreat things in store for you. i'm cheering for you, where ever God takes you!

    @ Elisabeth, Anslea, Hannah & Stephanie ... you all are the sweetest, thank you!

    And Hannah, you and my boyfriend are probably the only two souls who think so. hehe you're so stinkin cute and your gorgeous yourself farmgirl!!