Jul 30, 2010

Portraits: Tristen

World, meet Tristen.
Now he's a little shy, but love's the camera.
I promise he was an angel in front of the camera ...

But what's a newborn shoot without some painfully adorable cries.

"Get your tickets to the gun show ladies." -Tristen
Tristen LOVED the camera. He worked it out for me. :) I was convinced he was gonna wink at me at any given moment.
I loved seeing Tristen get mommy and daddy time. This boy is soo beautiful and soo love.
At one point poor Tristen passed out in daddy's hands as he was showing me how tall Tristen is. Hehe, what can you do ... modeling is a tough job. LOL.

Even when they cry, they are insanely adorable.
Alright Tristen, wave Bye-bye.
Sigh ... it was refreshing to do a baby shoot. I loved it and I love Tristen's wonderful little family. A big shout out to my dear friend Mayra {Tristen's aunt} for putting this all together for being amazing.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!