Aug 13, 2010

Personal: Something In the Water

I'd apologize for my lack of blogging in the past few weeks, but truth be told this summer has been far too eventful, far to adventurous, and far to exciting to have been sitting here typing away about it, watching it pass me by instead of be part of it. God is good, my heart is full, as well as my tummy,  most of my weekends have been spent in bliss watching grooms kiss their brides,  and everyday things seem to be changing around here.

I've spent countless hours this summer lounging by the pool, jumping into rivers, kayaking and tubing on the lake ... and I'm convinced that there's something in the water that always seems to turn me into a kid again. And I like it alot. And in good timing, Brooke Fraser {my all time fave.} came out with this catchy little summer tune. Enjoy.

And as for getting in the water ...

Here's a little trip me my boyfriend and my cousin took to the rope swing by the river. Summer i love you.

**I'm currently in California and I'll be back to blogging once I get home. Hopefully :) Hope your summer is just as wonderful!!!!


  1. i LOVE brooke fraser! thanks for this little gem. cute video of you guys at the river. carry on enjoying the summer - it seems to have ended for us in the UK! :)

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  3. you're making me wanna rope swing now... looks like a blast. my adventurous kid would love this! thanks for sharing your summer fun with us. :O)