Sep 21, 2010

Personal: Forever & For Always

Ok, please be kind. It's hard letting people in this close, but because everyone has asked about it and because this story involves more then just me ... my sister's wedding day is a story that must be shared, told and documented. Don't make fun for me, I know I look ridiculous when I cry, but these awesome pictures from my sister's wedding day are some of the most beautiful, honest, real pictures of me and my family. I must warn you now, it was the most emotional wedding ever, and even ask I write this I'm fighting to see clearly through my tears. So here is my heart on my sleeve for you hope you are blessed.

The weeks leading up to my big sister's wedding I told everyone I'd be crying up a storm the moment I walked down the aisle before my big sister did. I called it, and it happened. But I also knew that the moment she walked down the aisle along side my mother I'd be the biggest mess ever.
{A MILLION thank yous goes out to my good friend Christian-SUPER-TALENTED-Cruz for being there to capture these moments of their beautiful day, and for being an awesome friend for letting me save these on to my computer, edit and blog them. Love you friend!}

Me, my best friends and cousins could not contain ourselves.

You see, my sister surprised my mom by walking down the aisle to my mom and dad's song in honor of my dad.
Our mom had no idea until moments before the music started as our friend played it so beautifully on his guitar, it nearly broke every heart. I tried to will myself to edit this picture even just a smidge, but you can't change a moment like this to be any better than it already was ... because it was perfect.
You must be wondering ... why we don't look too happy. But believe me this day was so joyous, fun, and beautiful. The reason for so many tears was because of that empty seat next to my mother. My dad has been with the Lord for almost 20 years now, but not a day goes by that we don't miss him, and on that very day ... we missed him the most.
I know he was watching down from heaven, smiling
My sister was such a stunning bride, and my bro-ham in-law was quite a handsome groom. Never have I seen them more in love, soo profoundly happy and boy does marriage look good on them both. I'd show you more pictures of them, but I'll leave that for Christian to share ... he did amazing as you can already see.

There are so many more moment and memories I can share with everyone
but I only have the strength to muster up these last few memories before I get too emotional to ever finish.
As every Maid of Honor does {my sis had 2 MOH's}, I gave my MOH speech at the reception ... stumbling through tears and wishes for the newly weds. If I had more time to speak I would have said how proud I was of both my sister and Terrence for sticking it through so many hardships over the years {a 15 month deployment to a war zone can take a huge toll on a relationship} but they kept at it. They honored God's will, and set such a beautiful example for me to look up to and for that I am forever grateful and blessed.
I love my sister.

Now I leave you with this .... The gorgeous song my good friend Hope wrote, and sang for my sister and Terrence on their wedding day.

I will keep this day forever in my heart .... for always and ever, thank you for letting me pour out my emotions from that day and record so I won't ever forget. Now don't YOU go forgetting to tell the ones you love that you love them, and have a great week.

"... the greatest of these is Love." 1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. :D (Oh, I gotta say; that song your friend wrote is WONDERFUL! If her mp3 was for sale, I'd buy it for sure :D

  2. Irene, you look lovely, no matter what.

  3. This post was so beautiful and heartwarming! Congrats to your sister and her husband! Oh, and that song is just so lovely--love it!

  4. I just want you to know, I started crying hysterically. I love you so much. Thank you for sharing.

    Kortni :)

  5. i cried when i saw that picture of you crying. im like that. i cry when other people cry. oh ica, so amazing. gah. so beautiful. love is such an amazing thing.

  6. ICAAAAA!!! that post, those pictures, that personalized song... so perfect!! thank you for sharing those moments with us from the MOH perspective :) love you!

  7. thanks you friends!!!!

    kort n melody i love you both!!!!

  8. grrr i want to re do the video now with christian's photos... i should have waited 24 hours!