Sep 17, 2010

Personal: "I Carry Your Heart with Me"

Since the beginning of this month my sister is now a Mrs. 
And her wedding, ohhhhh ... her wedding, was one of the best days of my life.
Never have I ever seen her more beautiful, and no blog post could do justice to how happy I am for her and for Terrence, my brother {in-law}. But what I will say to them both is what I said during my Maid of Honor speech, "I carry your heart{s} with me" and I love you both so much.

As for blogging more pictures from her wedding day, or about blogging at all .... 
1. I'll blog more about her wedding soon, I will ... but with permission from my good friend/sister's wedding photographer Christian {who took this picture above of me and sister on the move ... plus a couple thousand more wonderful photos just like this one that day ... ohh the stories to tell, right Chris? .. bwaha}.
and 2. This month has been overwhelming beyond words. Pre-wedding/post-wedding chaos, out of town fam and friends to entertain after the wedding {best.week.EVER!}, a retail job to get back to, and life I have to catch up with ... because it seems to have change completely over night and my body is not yet use to it. It all finally caught up to me ... so I've been sick for a few days, just bear with me as I sluggishly get through these days and finally find my groove again.

Hope you have a great weekend, go enjoy that almost autumn air.

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