Oct 4, 2010

Personal: Summer

Fall is finally here, and I absolutely adore it. Everything is changing, and so are the leaves
but my oh my let me not forget that this was the best summer of my life. 

As always I was never without my camera this summer, but looking back ... still images would hardly do it justice. Sooooo with my handy-dandy cell phone camera {yes, my cell phone camera} I made sure to record life while it was happening all summer long. And now I've put it into a time capsule for me to look back on and remember, and share with all of you.
I'm no Jasmine Star, but if you've seen her website {I'm sure you know the reference}... 
life is truly precious "in the in-betweens" ... car rides, plane rides, bike rides ... it's not just the destination ... it's the getting there.

Oh fall ... I can't wait to make more memories. :)
Happy Monday to you.

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  1. That's a whole lota happy :)
    I love this thing you did!!!
    Miss talented :)