Nov 11, 2010

{Senior} Portraits: Gina

Firecracker: {noun} A small explosive charge and a fuse in a heavy paper casing,
exploded to make noise, as at celebrations.
Ok, this is my cousin Gina ... a familiar face on my little blog here ... but this time it's a little different.
Our little Gina is finally a Senior.
I literally still remember her in diapers, falling asleep in her plate of rice during breakfast, all with a bald little baby head. Oh man ... how time flies.
Before I write tooo much, you need to these know 2 important things about Gina. 

1. I might as well call Gina my baby sister, seriously. 
 Since as far back as I can remember our parents practically raised us like siblings ... ALL of us. Gina and her siblings & me and my sister. There's nothing that we haven't done together, or no moment too big or little that we haven't spent hours talking about and analysing. And as we all grown up ... we share all the important milestones between adolescence and adulthood together and that's the way it's always going to be.
And #2. Gina's pretty much everything I wished to have been at the age of 17.
Me and my sister say this allll the time, but really and truly I wish I was as brave, outgoing, spontaneous and ridiculous as Gina ... when I was her age. I know every 17 year old girl's biggest battle is with her self confidence, {and I know Gina has her moments too} ... but for the most part Gina's the kind of girl who marches to the beat of her own drum & doesn't care if anyone is watching. She's the most free spirited soul I know and that's what draws people to her and why everyone simply adores her.She's insanely gorgeous both inside and out, I know most people notice that the instant they meet her.
I don't think there's anything Gina can't do. Correction, I don't think there's anything Gina can't do WELL either. My cousin sings, plays the guitar, writes thee cutest songs, dances .... like really dances {tap, jazz, point, hip-hop you name it ... she's got it}, she's both beauty and brains with pretty much an All AP schedule on her hands, she plays lacross, she can skateboard, loves the outdoors hiking, kyaking .. and Bikes ... ohh man this girl loves her bikes.
Gina's pretty much a bike hoarder. It's gotten to a point where her dad has asked us to take some away from her ... like 3 or four bikes at a time. She could have her own bike shop really, but it's all in good fun because when the weather is warm Gina always gets a gang of us to go on long adventurous bike rides with her, and those are the best.
{Daisie insisted she make a guest appearance on my blog, and who can blame her ... She's adorable. Daisie is 1 of Gina's 2 wonderful pups, the other is Mac but he couldn't be bothered with pictures that day, I'm pretty sure he was sunbathing. Daisie's the cuddler & always camera ready. Ahhh man I miss her while writting this}
Dr. Seuss hit it spot on, "Oh the places you'll go" Gina ... you've got one of the brightest futures ever, I know it & I can't wait for you to blow us all away. You are my little hero and I love you for that gin!
 Thank you for always reminding me to live life to it's fullest Gin. If you can smile bigger, you smile bigger, if you can laugh longer, you laugh longer, if you candance harder ... there's no stopping you & that passion for life ... that's going to take you sooooooo many places Ginar. If we all could have only a faction of your love for life, this world would be a much happier, more wonderful place. I love you so much Gin and I'm soo proud of you. <3 Ate Ica

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