Nov 15, 2010

Personal: Falling

I'm sitting here in front of my computer but my eyes keep getting distracted by the beauty right outside my window. 

My backyard is covered in Fall and beauty.
Life comes in seasons, and I don't know what I'd do without the beauty of the seasons changing. My heart is full when I'm wrapped in cozy layers, using hugs, coffee mugs and loving arms to keep warm, when I see leaves falling softly to the ground, flocks of birds dancing in the sky headed south and the ground speckled in crunchy lovelies.
This is true beauty. 
Right behind me is a little stack of my ALL TIME favorite fruit {that only comes in the fall} : persimmon. Oh even my tummy loves this season.

I think I fall for Fall every year without fail so I can't help but want to share it with you all. Enjoy the rest of these photos from the past few weeks .. taken in my neighborhood, Skyline Drive and everywhere in between. :)

Happy Fall my friends!
Do a little dance, reach for the sky, take in the crisp air and enjoy life and the seasons that come and go.

*I missed you all hope you missed me too. More posts are on their way.


  1. This post made me happy :D mmmmm...fall is so lovely :)

  2. I'm glad Rachel! Happy Fall chica & oh yeah I'm glad you like "we the gentlemen" .. they really are amazing and glad you took time to take a listen! :)

  3. This made me happy too! I've never heard of that kind fruit. Yum! Beautiful pictures, Ica.

  4. miss ica! you are just too cute! we miss you!

  5. miss ruby, i miss you all too. alot. <3

  6. I love persimmon too !!!
    I wish fall was that pretty in Japan(:

  7. These are such pretty pictures of my favourite season (my favourite season is always the one we're in! In a few months my favourite season will be winter!) I love persimmons too - they're delicious x x

  8. love love LOVE this post!! i love fall, and the pictures are stunning!! thank you so much for your comment!:)


  9. Trees leaves turn into those colors, not in california.