Nov 11, 2010

Personal: Happiness is Free

..... don't let anyone tell you other wise.
So here's the story. The other week my boyfriend was driving me home and in my neighborhood in front of someone's drive way we saw this ammmazing yellow sofa {in the dead of night} just hanging out with a "FREE" sign pinned down to it. It screaming my name, I heard it, I really did.

Before taking a good hard look at it I claimed it right then, I knew I just had to have it. All night I prayed it'd still be there the next morning, when I could get some help with moving it into the house and what'da know... it was still there fully intact the next day. It was beautiful and upon proper inspection; it was in amazing condition, perfectly-worn in ... ready to be given a second home.

With the help of my loving family {the newly weds & mi madre} we got this bad boy into my bedroom to fill the space that once held my sister's bed. Surprisingly, it fit seamlessly into my room, like it was meant to be here all along. I've left my sister's polaroids still hanging over her "spot" because she's still apart of my room ... and it'll stay there till she's ready to bring them home with her and because I love her.

***I love you sister, and I'm not erasing you, pinky promise ... we're simply growing up & Dearest Fam, thank you again for putting up with my crazy shenanigans & helping move this thing in.***
The colors, the flowers, it's size and it's cushions make me soo crazy happy ....
It got me thinking about other free goodies around my room that make me so happy they make me wanna dance.
Some how I have stacks upon stacks of magazines on both sides of my sofa, a suitcase filled to the brim with them, and probably some where in our garage is a box just of magazine ... but it's been ages since I spent a single cent on them. I love it. And the Free People catalog was totally unintentional it was just there ... waiting for it's blog debut I guess.
My body form.
I saved this mannequin from it's dumpster demise about a year ago, gaining a free body form. First I wrapped it up in fun fabric so I could use it to start making dresses again {my manne is exactly my size}. Then it also turned into a fun place to hang my overgrown collection of necklaces & scarfs. And that silk vintage scarf: also FREE ... I love an good trade on Etsy!

Mini flags
I made this from a FREE mini-bunting project from Etsy at DC's annual Crafty Bastards fair. But I know you can make it with just about anything ... old pillow cases, wrapping paper, you name it ... it can be done. The baker's twin on the other hand ... that was not free.

Last but definitely not least ....
With all that I do sometimes I forget to keep calm, it happens to the best of us. But this cute little poster reminds me to keep at it regardless of the trials I'm faced with. Where did I get? Well it was free of course, because it was a present from one of the sweetest families I know, my friends; My Cakies. If you love blogs ... you have been warned, Ruby's blog is incredible & addicting ... because her family is simply amazing. Really go check them out.

And if you want this awesome poster for yourself it's here on of our favorite photo goodies site. :)

Now ..... what make's you happy?
Let me know!!!!


  1. That's how God works ^^, you're one of His faves & He has a lot in store & u will be drown with lots & sweet full of blessings yea!? FAVOR LORD! ha! (wink) God bless ur gifts & we give the credits to daddy Jesus aye? cya mate.

    joy salrea

  2. Oh, this post for sure makes me happy! I am SO inspired right now!
    Thank you Ica.
    & thank the Lord for these wonderful joys =)

  3. oops I mis-spell my last name! wow! that's what happened when tummy is full (buuurrpp!) haha please excuse me ^,^

    Joy Salera --> correct spelling!

  4. What a great post!! That couch is adorable, what a find! :)

  5. who would throw away such a beautiful couch?! fantastic find, ica, you have an eye for ... everything! hahah :D