Nov 18, 2010

{Senior} Portraits: Pow wow

What do you get when you dress up 4 of the cutest seniors like indians and then put them in the middle of the forest? Give up?
A super amazing senior pow-wow!!!!!!!
Pocahontas would be so proud. Jealous even.
Wish I could claim that I was the brains behind this operation, but I wasn't.
These four amazingly beautiful and creative gals gave me a call and told me about their brilliant plans to be indians for a day and I, I was the lucky one.
This is Gina, you know Gina. My cousin. She's amazing. And was a Homecoming Princess just a few weeks back :)
Now let me introduce you to the rest of the ladies.
This green-eyed babe is Rachel. Hilarious and beautiful. Oh Rach <3 you're amazing.

I can't believe you girls are seniors, I feel like it was just yesterday you girls were freshman. Four years already???
Now meet Becky. Also another fellow Homecoming Princess + comedian extraordinaire. Improv queen right here!!!
Last but not least ....
This blonde bombshell is Allie. The Irish cutie who lives a 30 sec. bike ride away from Gina's.
If Gina's not home, she's usually found at Allie's. Allie your gorge!!!!

You girls are tooooooo much fun. I love hanging out with you girls at Gina's and seeing you girls grow up has been a blast. You 4 are so beautiful and so talented. I know where ever you girls go in life you'll be the life of the party and the sweethearts that everyone will love <3.
Happy Senior Year Rachel, Gina, Becky and Allie.

I love you girls !


  1. ohh these are so fun and creative! love them! :D the last one is so lovely.

  2. okay WOW, i LOVE these pictures! such a great idea!! the girls look so beautiful- and natural! way to go!


  3. what a wonderful idea, and such cute girls! btw, your Happy List is featured on my blog today! come over and check it out -