Dec 1, 2010

Wedding: Eddie & Melinda {Fullerton, CA}

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season!  It's been a crazy one and I've been keeping busy with work for sure. Sorry for the continuous hold up on entries but here's another one for you.

My new friends Eddie and Melinda finally tied the knot awhile back.
You might remember them from here.
Well a few months ago in sunny California their big day was filled with lots of love, laughs and endless memories. Hope you enjoy these pictures and lots of love goes out to my incredible friend and wonderful second shooter Christian for being my second set of eyes during not only their wedding day, but also their engagement session last year.
This shot is for your mom and dad Melinda. They are adorable. 
And now I know where you got it from Melinda.
While I was with the ladies, Chris hung with the boys
And he shot from upstairs. AHH!! You rock Christian Cruz!
Would you believe me if I told you this was pretty much a handmade wedding? Get ready for it.
Handmade bridesmaid dresses. Really.

I have nooo words to describe this moment. Eddies face says it all. Limo Ride = Party time!
After their ceremony we headed to the place where we had their engagement session ... though it looked a little bit different on the opposite side of the year, but it was beautiful none the less.

While I was snapping away at Melinda, Christian was somewhere in the trees ...
BAM! Christian you're too ammmazing.
Eddie, you and your wife are incredible and I'm so blessed to have met you both.
As one of their groomsmen put so eloquently, Eddie and Melinda's love reminds the rest of us that true love really exists. Their love has been tried and tested, but has reminded so strong over all these years. Thank you for showing us all what love is really about.
Dearest Melinda, I still don't know how you found me. But I am forever blessed and grateful that you did. You have one of the most beautiful souls. You are so kind, so loving, so true and so giving I pray that only the richest of blessings come your way. I'm truly honored to now call you friend.

I think I've hung out with Christian far too much ... this is a very Christian Cruz picture brought to you by Ica Images. Hahah. Thanks for always inspiring me Chris even when you're working right next to me.
Let me just say this good looking crowd right here made the day that much more fun .. for everyone. Melinda and Eddie your friends are wonderful, I wouldn't have expected anything less. You both are two of the sweetest souls I'm sure it attracts only the sweetest friends.

Ok.... you ready for all the handmade goodness, and a reception even the trees would swoon for?
This beautiful candy bar was *hand crafted by Melinda's dad and put together by her loving friends.
And the table settings, also hand crafted by Melinda's dad.

We could have done details for hours.

{leave it to Melinda, the school teacher, to put together a cute little table for the kiddos!}
Did I tell you they had a rockstar photo booth also? Too fun! There was a line for it all afternoon.
And oh man this kid was my favorite guest of the day.
 He warmed up the dance floor for everyone that day. And boy did he have a groove. 
He even made a little cameo in my video here.
Christian took this amazing shot. Wish I could say I took it. But this is all Chris.

Alright I've saved my favorite moment for last. 

Eddie and Melinda's relationship has had many season, considering that they were highschool sweethearts ... that's probably an understatement. For one of those seasons Eddie was deployed  over seas with the army so Eddie and Melinda wrote each other love letters to keep in touch.

As one of his wedding present for his bride, Eddie asked one of his friends to take their love letters and write a song from them. During their wedding reception his friend played their song on the piano as Melinda's beautiful and talented sister sang it.
It was magical.

It was one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, because I know that each word was written by them both.
And it was one of the greatest moment's I've ever experienced at a wedding. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Even Christian and I were crying behind our cameras, true story.
I love you both and thank you for letting me part of your wedding day. I really mean it, your love has inspired me.
And they lived Happily Ever After.

 Ps. I like photo booths at wedding alot. ALOT.


  1. Wonderful photos, wonderful wedding!

  2. I am so inspired! That was a beautiful wedding & I love the pictures!

  3. great work as usual, ica! :)