Dec 15, 2010

In Print: Hope Makes Music - Part 2

After going through my last post featuring little Miss Hope,
I realize I've forgotten to to blog one very important thing...

Hope released her album Valentine's Day this year and thinking back on the journey it took to get there, and the separate journeys she and I have been on since, have been quite amazing. Looking back, I feel like Hope's album was a labor of love for the both of us and I'm so blessed to have been part of such a wonderful project.

If you can recall the very first shoot I did with Hope, we'll here's where those photos ended up ...
{Left. Front Cover, Right. Back Cover (Back Cover image by the incredible Douglas Sonders}}

For the first time in a few years I was asked to put my graphic design education into good use for someone other than myself. Hope not only asked me to shoot the images for her album, but she also asked me to design her actual cd from cover to cover.
It was a long, but fun filled process that turned out {what I believe} to be beautiful. Not forgetting the beautiful music packaged inside. I wanted to make sure all of Hope's hard work and pretty tunes were displayed in packaging as lovely, and sweet as her music. Together, I think Hope and I make a pretty good team.
This album was released almost a year ago, and since then I've seen and heard Hope's music and sound grow so much and I know that this is the first of many wonderful cd for Hope ... and it just gets better from here. Stick around ... Hope's going to be big, I just know it.

Buy Hope's album HERE.

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