Dec 7, 2009

Portraits: Hope Rollins

The facts are these:
  I'm in love with Hope Rollins' face.

Because her face is gorgeous.
And because Hope's face is one of my favorites in the world.

Take a closer look with me, and tell me you're not also in love? Sigh .... I loove you Hope Leigh Rollins!!
Although Hope lives here in Washington DC, her southern charm has not left her, and is still undeniably endearing.
Don't let her good look fool you, because Hope is way more than just a pretty face.

Hope is a rising star and is an honest to goodness 'Triple Threat' ... there's nothing this girl can't do.

Except for maybe ride a bike, but she sure can fake it. Hehe.

Not only is Hope a talented singer/songwriter, she dances better than she an sing, and she is also an actress. Thus, Triple Threat.
If you took a look at Hope's everyday schedule, you would see how extremely dedicated she is to the arts. She never stops singing, she teaches ballet, guitar, cultivates her talent with photography, and is always acting in something, a play ... or a movie or sometimes both. I don't know how she manages it all, but what I do know is she is blessed for sure.
Besides her amazing rock star resume, Hope is simply one of a kind.
 She is kind, hilarious, and is as sweet as sugar.
And though I'm no where near as talented as my dearest Hopie, nor am I even half as gorgeous as she ... Hope is forever my twin, it's been our inside joke forever ... even her dad thinks we are.

For the last few years I have been the filipino Hope, and she the white girl Ica and when you get us together you get a plethora of pictures, jammin' and singing for hours and road trips filled with unforgetable memories.
I love this girl to pieces, and I call it ... she's going to be huge star someday.
And I'm sure it'll be soon.

Hope records her first album this month back down in South Carolina and I'm sooooo incredibly happy and excited for her. If you don't believe me that she's going to be big ... maybe you should know she's already opened for The Makepeace brothers {whom me and my boyfriend had breakfast with at Hope's house over the summer this year}, and has even headlined at the House of Blues.
Look out for Hope Rollins' album this spring ... maybe you'll even see some of my work on the album.

I looooove you Hope ... always! Thanks for being my twin, and possibly my best and favorite customer ever with my stuff. You are a rock star, and you know it ... thanks for not forgetting about the little people, literally. Heheheh ... OH and, we shall party it up on my big sis' wedding ok?!?! And heck yah you get VIP tickets for that! LOL! Yeah I read your conversation with my sister on Facebook. bwahah.

Check her out: Hope Rollins & show her some love.
Happy Monday to you!

{watch out for a whole lot of blogging coming your way this week... :) }


  1. Ok these are awesome! Your best work ever!

  2. how lovely ica! im adoring these!

  3. you make me so pretty. and lies- your talent surpasses mine in just as many ways as your beauty does.

    all my love.

    <3 hope

  4. I love these photos... <3 She is stunning. My favourites are the ones with the red bike! LOVE 'em.

  5. beeeautiful shots, ica! There is so much personality in each picture! :) Awesome!