Dec 11, 2010

Personal: A Crafty Little Christmas - Part II

I love Christmas crafting,

And to my delight this crafty Christmas season has exploded all over my bedroom floor. My bedroom has been covered in yarn, wrapping paper, stamps, scissors, tape, shopping bags and presents galor ... I finally took some time last night to clean everything up and make room for even more crafting on it's way.

Here's what I crafted last night.
I love handmade anything most especially when it comes to the littlest details. 
So yesterday I started crafting up my own gift tags with a few fun stamps, plain manila tags, 
and some extra baker's twine I had lying around, giving my presents a handmade face lift.
Here's how they turned out. The finished product makes me so happy.
 Oh did I mention that I am so utterly in love with my wrapping paper this year. LOVES!
 Knitted anything always feels so cozy ... who knew gift wrapping could be so cozy too.

Hope you all are having a very crafty Christmas season and let me know what you're crafting up!
Also if you need help with supplies or ideas hit up Etsy!

Happy weekend!!!!


  1. LOVE IT! I just bought 2 rolls of bakers' twine. Haven't used it yet though ;D

  2. I love beautifully wrapped presents - it's almost better than the present itself! I love manila tags and bakers twine - simple but perfect.

  3. knit pattern wrapping, it speaks you.