Dec 9, 2010

Wedding: Kysan & Niki

Over this summer {yes I said summer ... I'm quite backed up with blog posts ... but I'm getting there} I had the pleasure of shooting a wonderful wedding down in Southern Virginia. Kysan and Niki finally tied the knot and called me back for their big day, you might remember them from their engagement session here.

I've only known these two for a bit more than a year since their engagement session and when I think about them I smile recalling their infection smiles and their fun, kind hearted spirits. It was truly a joy to be in the company of their friends and family because they too were nothing but kind, loving, and tons of fun.

A small {but well deserved} thank you to my friend Erica Paige for assisting me
on yet another lovely wedding weekend. You're amazing love and it's your turn next!

Kysan and Niki's wedding day was filled with beauty, laughter .. and heat. Lots of it.
But with ice packs and handkerchief in hand we all kept cool and kept calm .. without missing a beat.
If there were just one moment I could bottle up from their wedding and put in a time capsule in my mind ... it would be the moment Kysan saw his lovely bride for the first time that day.
Love, I can see nothing but adoring love in his eyes.
How did Niki react? Well, with the sweetest of kisses she said "I do" to being not only his bride, but his wife too. I love when best friends become Mr. and Mrs.

After the ceremony we went and took pictures outside. I gotta give it to Kysan and Niki's bridal party, because they take the cake for being the most cooperative and the most daring bridal party. I had them pose for me outside, on *the hottest day of they year and they barely complained. They we're all champs and I'm soo grateful for having had such wonderful people endure the heat with me for the sake of the pictures. Really they deserve an award.
It was hot out, but Kysan and Niki's bridal party was that much more fierce!
Fierce I tell ya.
Kysan, thank you for being the epitome of a gentleman. Seeing the way you take care of Niki and take care of the small details for her because you love her ... have convinced me that you were made to be a husband and when God wills it, a dad.

And Niki, Oh gorgeous Niki. You were a bride like none other, even in the hottest of days your beauty and your kindness were like a breath of fresh air. Thank you again for making me part of your wedding day.

For their reception all I wanted to do was sing "Think Pink" from the movie Funny Face, then dance the night away on the dance floor that never had any down time. It was too fun and too pretty for words.
Oh Kysan and Niki I know for sure that God has only the biggest
and the best plans for you both in love, in marriage and in life.
Ps. Your get away car was and still is my hands down favorite.
{Ohhhh Rolls Royce}
And they lived Happily Ever After.


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful wedding. The bride looks stunning.

  2. Looove the shoes picture, and the one of the bride alone on the traintracks. she looks SO happy!! Great pictures.