Jan 21, 2011

Wedding: Ron & Bailey {Oceanville, NJ}

Brace yourself for a lengthy post of wedding goodness. If Barbie and Ken could dream up a wedding I do believe it'd look something like this. A dash of old Hollywood charm with a touch of rockstar edge, Ron and Bailey's wedding was a wedding to die for. Who knew such an intimate Oceanville, New Jersey wedding could pack such a punch. Ron and Bailey your wedding still gives me butterflies it was too amazing.

Most weddings I shoot start with frills and hairspray hanging out with the bride as she gets ready for the day. Not with Ron and Bailey's wedding where they threw tradition right out the window. I started the day with the groom and his best guys at the barber shop getting groomed and handsome, and pampered. That too was ammazing.

Now for the frills, the hairspray and all things glamorous.

As glamorous as this wedding was, most of the wedding was brainstormed and handmade by the bride herself.
Take for example the her wedding shoes.

Would you believe me if I told you that Bailey {mrs. super-bride} bedazzled these bad boys herself.
BEDAZZLED!!! Who bedazzles wedding shoes and makes classy classier? Only you Bailey.

Seriously Bails .. this was too much pretty all in one day.

Shot gun wedding, I think not. But ohh the details were too spicy to handle.
Ready for some more handmade goodness?

Bailey's mom is a florist extraordinaire and put these beauties together. It was unreal.

And then ... and then the first look?
Be still my beating heart.
{goosebumps} It was simply magical.

Everything and everyone looked incredible.

You all have spoiled me rotten.

As the day went on and the sunset on their wedding day
... Bailey and Ron said their vows by candlelight and moonlight and in the company of their loved ones.

And in making traditions or their own the Mr. and Mrs. sealed a box with handwritten letters to
each other and a bottle of wine to open on their first wedding anniversary ... and every year there after.

Only an art teach and an architect would put together a reception like this. Their ceremony venue turned into an all night cocktail party, in each gallery was a different food choice and no two table settings were alike. It was madness I tell you.
Every where you looked, up or down, here and there ... crystals and flowers were dripping from every corner.
And their cake. Holy smokes, their cake! Ron and Bailey take the cake {no pun intended} for my favorite wedding toppers of the year.
Their little munnys were spot on and perfect for their crazy beautiful wedding day.

The night went on and on with endless dancing, cigar rolling and lots and lots of love.

I had so much fun shooting their wedding day ... I want Ron and Bailey to get married all over again.

I'd better stop on the detail shots but here's the last of the goodness for now.
All of the day's programs and keepsakes were also handmade by Bailey and or Ron.

Homemade olive oil for keeps. There's nothing they didn't think of.
Bailey and Ron you're wedding day was magical from start to finish. Thank you again and again for being the sweetest and most hands on bride and groom I've had to date. This post hardly does your wedding day justice and I can't say it enough ... you're wedding day was ammmmmazing and so are the two of you.

Watch out for their day after shoot. There's more where this came from.
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. oh my word what a stunning and glamerous wedding. i just adore all the little details--and that last shot..LOVE it.

  2. gorgeous photos!!! looks like a super fun and creative wedding!

  3. You are seriously outdone yourself...These are spectacular! And those balloons... love love love! That last shot is killer.

  4. Iica!!!! first i apologize for this comment being days after it was posted, i had no idea it was up!!!! i literally just relived my wedding day through your post!! brought tears to my eyes! you are truly amazing! you captured our day so beautifully and we will always have you photos to remember the day by! i am sooo thankful for that & you!!!iI am so glad we got the chance to meet you and work with you on the biggest day of our lives. thank you again for EVERYTHING you did for us and for becoming a friend, not just a vendor! you are simply amazing.
    mr & mrs. viola