Jan 26, 2011

Personal: My California Fun-umentary

There's been a snow storm outside all day and it's yet again another winter wonderland. The only thing that's keeping me sane is the warm food we've got in the kitchen and this little fun-umentary I whipped up of all my warm California adventures. Hope you like it and stay warm and safe out there... it's crrrazy outside.

I made sure to take time to record a little bit of life in action while I was in California using my borrowed D90 from my good friend Mike. Or I had my lovely stylist/assistant/2nd shooter Reinna record some goodness on Hope's D5000. And when I was without something fancy I grabbed my handy-dandy cellphone. I'm thinking I need to get myself a fun little video camera soon ... or ask for one for my birthday in March {wink wink*... hahah}. 

Happy Winter-ing Friends!!

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