Feb 11, 2011

One-On-One Session: Let's get this started!!!!

Hello friends!

I've got some awesome news! So Wednesday this week I had an opportunity to sit down with a friend of mine/ fellow photographer and talk about life, photography and business.

Her name is Tina Leu and she graduated from George Mason University a few years ago studying photography. She's an fabulous photographer, see for yourself here or here. And she's also an ammmmazing dancer {My kindda gal!} I've been watching her dance for years ... wishing I had her moves.

Well anyways over a bowl of soup and sandwiches we caught up on each other's lives, sharing stories, laughing, eating and laughing some more. Then we got to the good stuff. The reason for getting together; photography.

It all came down to this. A few years ago I was in the same shoes as Tina, in love with photography but lost in how to make it more than just a passion. So I did an internship with the lovely Kristen Leigh, who sharpened me as a photographer and changed my business for the better. Tina came to me to almost do the same, she sit down and asked the questions I once had myself. And a few years of experience since I was able to share what I know and the lessons I too have learned.

Sooo what? Well I'm not ending this here. This is just the start of something sooo good and I want to offer up sessions this March for anyone who's interested. Here's the info below and if you too want in on the fun email me at ica.images@gmail.com and I'll see you on a wonderful Wednesday next month!

YAY! Ok friends Happy Weekend and hope to meet some lovely new faces through this!

***EDIT: Date's already booked March 23rd


  1. don't get any cupcake hangovers!

  2. OH nuts! I would have loved to do this! Too bad I'm all the way in northern California! Let's me up if you're ever in town!