Feb 14, 2011

Personal: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!!

This weekend I got to celebrate with my Valentine a little early since work will keep us away from each other today. Friday night we put on some fancy clothes and ate the night away. We don't get dressed up to often since our dates are usually outdoor adventures {walks through the woods, picnics by the river ... those kind of things}. But it was nice to get fancy for once and pretend to be the grown ups we are. After dinner we went to my house and exchanged presents, ate cake, and then he crushed me and his cousin at Banana Grams. He gave me another beautiful mug to add to my collection, a plate that says love {that we used to eat our cake}, and a frame with a picture of us that says "my sweetie" with cupcakes all over. This guy knows the way to my heart. I in turn got him a new cardigan and shirt, "The Office" calendar, his favorite chocolate, and a super-romantic-brand-new pencil sharpener for his classroom since his students broke his. What can I say? I go out with a 5th grade teacher.

Dinner, dessert and gift giving galor ... oh this is love!

To my Funny Valentine,
Thank you for being mine, for being my best friend and for loving me so. Your encouragement,
your prayers, your support, even your rebuke challenges me to be better every day.

Happy Valentines Dear!

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10
To the rest of my darling friends I love you and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I hope you all are having the sweetest day filled with hugs, cake and love.


  1. i think you two are the cutest ever. love love love it.

  2. Thanks girls. Happy Valentines Day Rachel & Jamie!