Feb 8, 2011

Portraits: Jessie Payo {Venice, CA}

Dearest World ... meet little Miss. Jessie Payo.
She's adorable, beautiful, sweet as candy and beyond belief talented.
Whoa!! {Joey Lawrence sized whoa!}
It get's even better, her good looks only set the stage for her beautiful voice. 
If you head on over here you'll hear exactly what I mean. Simply amazing.
In love with her yet?

Dog-gone hot!
Jessie you're to much fun!!!
All over the streets and alleys in Venice Jessie worked it, danced and had me working hard to keep up with her.

If you want more Jessie Payo head on over here
Listen to both her new and old music and be prepared to fall in love!

Dearest Jessie, I'm glad we finally met. You're exactly how I pictured and then some. And let me just say some of your pictures for our shoot are some of my most favorite photos to date. In Katy Perry's words "Baby you're a firework"<3


  1. Those are all wonderful! :) You do amazing work!

  2. Ahhh!!! these pictures are hot. and of course, i love the dance action shots. :)

  3. I love these photos! She seems to have a really lovely spirit that comes across through the photos. Also loving the grass one.

  4. These are AWESOME. I have major hair envy, btw. :D