Feb 2, 2011

Portraits: Bridget Garwood {Venice, CA}

Sometimes you become a superstar, other times ...
you're born with a superstar name along with the superstar looks to boot.
Meet Bridget Garwood.
Doesn't it sound like a star's name already?
It's a timeless name like Bette Davis, or Gene Kelly or Brigitte Bardot even.
Lucky for Bridget she's pursuing the right career to have her name land amongst the stars, acting.
This blonde bombshell is my new, gorgeously adorable friend Bridget. Who recently just moved from the east {Maryland to be exact} out to LA to pursuit her acting career. Bridget's resume packs quite a punch with a BA in Theater Performance and a handful of theater and film experience. And let me tell you, I got a little taste of how versatile she can be in front of the camera and this girl can go from smoking-hot-and-sultry to cute-as-a-button, and all the in betweens. She's amazing.
So amazing I had her step in as model for another shoot during my stay in LA.
I love your face Bridget!
Mosey on over to Bridget's new blog, share some love her way and brace yourself world,
because this girl's gonna be big some day!!!
Oh California!! You and your beautiful faces!

Dearest Bridget, I love you hun and love the time we spent together! Thanks for letting me take a nap on your bed and letting me be the extra roommate for a week. I miss you and Hope and I know you're going to do so well in the biz. I'm certain of it.

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