Mar 2, 2011

Personal: 4 years

So I've been smiling all day.
Thinking about the past four years.
It's my 4 year Anniversary with my loving boyfriend and
I can't tell you enough how blessed I am to have him in my life.

He really, truly is my best friend. He always lovingly corrects me when I'm wrong, cheers me on when I succeed. He makes me smile when I need it the most and listens to me when I need a friend. And most importantly he continues to help me be a better person, and always encourages me to grow in Christ ... in my love for Him, my service towards Him, and in my knowledge of His word.

For our Anniversary ... Tim surprised me two weeks early with a dinner date, dessert and presents galor.
I was swept off my feet.
He really knows the way to my heart. Through cupcakes.
And these ... well these were some of the BEST cupcakes EVER!
Lastly after dinner and dessert ... there were presents, two beautiful presents that I adore.

Because our Anniversary and my birthday fall in the same week, we celebrated a combination of both. My first present was that he was taking me to Anthropologie {my absolute favorite} and buying me what ever I wanted. I panicked when he told me, who wouldn't? He really is the best. And since it was a Sunday night when we went out ... he took me the very next day to shop my heart out.
This is the dress he bought me, we both fell in love with it when I tried it on and that was that. And last but not least, Tim out did himself and surprised me with a beautiful diamond necklace to top off all of the celebrating. It was a magical night I tell ya, especially since I was thinking we'd just be hanging out. And though we don't get to be together today on our actual anniversary ... I couldn't be happier.

Dearest Tim, Thank you for the best four years ever! For all the surprises, dates, fights, both smiles and tears and for your love and encouragement. For all the ups and downs, and for always being there for me. -Yours

Happy March 2nd <3


  1. on Friday, it will be our 7 months. & Now I'm ashame to write a blog hahah I can't think any sweeter than this.. how sweet it is to be loved. This makes me wanna cry!

    Even thought we're not close friends, at least as a sister in Christ..

    I'm happy for both of you ^_^

  2. that was me joy

  3. yikes my typing is super bad! correction" even though"

  4. yay for you! you are just the cutest!

  5. :):):):) Congrats, you two!! :) Happy 4 years! That Anthro dress is ADORABLE.

  6. Congrats! And super cute blog. :)

  7. Congradulations for you :DD
    You two are so cute together ^^

    (and the cupcakes looks yummy lol)