Feb 25, 2011

Portraits: Nyk {Venice, CA}

Meet Nyk.

 Another fabulous friend I made while in California. 
Charming, fun and oh-so fashionable this guy was simply a delight to work with.
And oh how I loved his Prada shoes. {I have a mild obsession with shoes. I backed 6 pairs for my
8 day long trip to California. Excessive? No I think not ... more like necessary.}
It gets better ... there were cupcakes involved. 
That's all I needed to complete my trip there. Shoot and eat cupcakes ... at the same time.

Our 3 part editorial shoot together was too much fun, to much hotness and to much amazing. 

You might remember this blonde bombshell from here
Bridget graciously stepped in as a model for our shoot and took it to a whole nother level.
It was even more fun than we all expected.
The reason for such a terribly fun shoot, was because Nyk {as well as Bridget and my friend Hope} moved from DC to LA to pursuit their dreams. 
Nyk, well he's a jack of all trades. 
He came to LA to pursuit anything and everything .. but mostly for acting.

 But to be honest, he could have fooled us all because this guy blended into the socal life style seamlessly, like he was made for this town.
For the last part of our shoot ... we were down to the nitty gritty.
 Things got fierce pretty quickly, and it was crazy and fun. 
And another huge shout out goes to the pretty lady from this last set of pictures 
... my dearest friend Reinna. You're the best you spicy little thing!!!
Nyk, It was tooo fun working with you. And thanks for spoiling me rotten with all your different ideas,
styling, and cupcakes galor. I hope LA's really ready for you, though by the looks of it ... You've already won them over.
 I hope you all has as great of a week as I did ... and if not, I hope you're weekend is the greatest!
Stay tuned friends, because I saved the best of my California shoots for last. You don't want to miss it.

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Hi! Found my way to your site via Cakies. I admire your work. I'll be stopping by every now and then. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. WHY AREN'T THERE MORE COMMENTS on these?! amazing ica! wow. your work is growing leaps and bounds. this is stunning.