Mar 18, 2011

Personal: Twenty - Four

It's been a very fast, emotional and crazy two weeks since my birthday. I've kind of forgotten to post something about it. 
But oh how wonderful a birthday it was ... so here's a recap of all the goodness that went down.

A couple weeks ago ... on March 4th, I turned 24.
24. Wow ... that's a big number.
And the celebrating started with our midnight traditions.
On our birthdays, every midnight my family and I light candles, give our gifts and have a midnight snacks like no other.
My mom knows me too too well and prepared chocolate covered strawberries AND mini cupcakes. YUM.
This year was as always the "3 of us" .. but instead of it being me, my mom and my big sis...
It was me, my brother {from another mother} and my mom.

Since my big sis couldn't celebrate with us because she was at home with her husband ... AND ...
SHE'S PREGNANT... instead of midnight celebrating, we went antiquing all morning long.
It was the best way to celebrate my birthday with my preggo big sister.
I love her {and the baby} soo much <3.
 So where did we go? Our Happy Place of course.
And because it was the first weekend of the month their
design house was open which made it that much more exciting!
Oh vintage, I love you.
 In the evening my family and I, my boyfriend and a few friends went out to dinner and fun.
My heart <3
 {Of course with my camera sitting right in front of me, my 'go-to' still seems to be my cell phone ... haha}
Alot of love goes out to my brother {not by blood ... but he happens to be my boyfriend's cousin, does that count?} who spent two crazy months with me and my family and even stayed to celebrate my birthday. I love him to the moon and back and I'm so blessed to have him in my life. It's been two of the most emotional month ever, God knew I needed some extra laughs so I'm glad He sent you. 

I miss you bro and whenever California decides to give you back ... we'll be waiting.
Me and mom had some midnight pad thai without you tonight, and it just wasn't right. Wai you.

Any whos ... the rest of the even was spent playing games galor at this snazzy bowling alley across the street from where we had dinner. The wait was kind of long, but that let us play arcade games to our heart's content. And bowling was just as fun as the rest of the games we played that night.

The highlight of my night was finally taking some real photo booth pictures with my loves.
{Zee boyfriend. Zee brother and best friend. And Sherlock Holmes x 3}
These three reels are hanging over my bed and I smile from ear to ear every time I look at them.

It was a goofy, fun filled, and relaxing birthday ... everything that I wanted.
And as much fun as I had on my birthday, the celebrating actually lasted the whole week. 
Here are a few other things I did to celebrate the big 24.
The most exciting present I got for my birthday were two tickets to the CAPS game. 
I took my mom, lost my voice and watched our boys win during overtime!!! GO CAPS!
 I also went on an early-Birthday lunch date with my other best friend at my favorite Greek restaurant.
It was fun catching up and also playing with our cameras taking silly pictures all over town.
And of course ... I got cake wasted.
My godson beat me at blowing out my own candles so they had to light it again for me. I love him.
So yes, that was my birthday/week. It was filled with so much love and so much laughter, I couldn't have asked for more. 23 was good to me, and I've been blessed beyond belief by all that I've learned, experienced, all the blessing I've been given, the people I've met and all the places I've been in the last year. I'm not that girl I was a year ago, nor the same girl from two years before that ... I'm proud to say that God has grown me, pruned me, and shaped me to be a better version of me ... and I pray that He continues to mold my heart and my life into one even more pleasing in His eyes.
 So 24, here we go. 
 You've already been a roller coaster ride in the first 2 weeks, I can't wait to see what the next 50 are like. Praise the Lord for another wonderful year to look forward too and for being an adult. I know I'm not a great adult, it's still weird for me to say that I am ... nor do I look the part, but I'm grateful none the less. In these changing seasons there is always beauty and as hard as it is to be an adult, God's faithfulness and love always sees me through.

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. :) Happy Birthday!!! I am in LOVE with those pink vintage frocks. Omg.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Ica!! Hope it was awesometastical :) :) (It sure looks like it was!) :D

  3. LOVE YOU. what an awesome blog!!!! praise God for the talent He has given you! you're such a beautiful beautiful sister! trullllly!!!! miss you lots! thanks for sharing beauty with us. what a blessing of a birthday :)

  4. I love to see a post filled with thankfulness. This looks like the most amazing birthday ever. I hope your 24th year is full of blessings! :)

  5. We have the same birthday!!! Yay for March 4!!! =) I just turned 18, but I think that 24 sounds like a cool age!! =)