Mar 21, 2011

Personal: Cuddly Super Moon Weekend

Happy Spring Friends!

Darling, your love is healing
It makes the bitter sweet
Warms the winter to spring again
Secures the colds defeat
-Sailboats by Brooke Fraser

Hope your weekend was all things lovely. If you caught any of that super moon, it was a beautiful sight.
I'm so thankful for having a wonderful boyfriend who'll stay outside in the cold, dark night with me as I had my tripod and camera out, shooting for the moon. Call me crazy, I think I kindda want to go and get a telescope after that.
The rest of my weekend was spent working and catering to these two pups.
I volunteered to take care of these two for most of the weekend, and basically we cuddled all day long.
Dolce and Gucci I hope I see you two again soon. Who do I cuddle now? hehe.


  1. did you free hand that moon shot? i see you changed your logo, why?

  2. I LOVE the pups. So darling. And the moon looks so pretty. It was raining where I was so I didn't see it. :(
    Happy Monday. x