Apr 7, 2011

Events: Asian American LEAD's 12th Annual Dinner

A few weeks ago I got to do something entirely different from my norm.
I was invited to help shoot Asian American LEAD's 12th annual dinner at The Civic Center in Silverspring, Maryland.
It was beautiful venue, a heart warming event, and I'm grateful for knowing such a wonderful non-profit organization exist's in my own town.
AALEAD helps provides young Asian American students in the DC area a wonderful community to grow in and provide opportunities. that people like myself lacked growing up.
I was honored to be in such great company and I'm not the only one who's noticed.
AALEAD was one of the finalists for The Washington Post's Excellence in Non-profit Management Award.
This opportunity came to me on a whim and I truly did not know what to expect from the night. All I knew was that it was a semi-formal dinner and to come ready to shoot. I love trying new things, and as each new adventures arises it always leads to new blessings. I've been so blessed in this new year so far and I hope that new adventure continue to come my way.

Learn more about Asian American LEAD here.

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