Apr 7, 2011

One-on-One Session: The First

Last month I hosted my first official One-on-One session ... that in actuality ended up being a 3-on-1 session with three wonderful women, It was amazing.
I must admit I was quite nervous before the ladies arrived and hardly knew what to expect, but above all I was excited. Excited to share what I know and love about photography, excited to pass on knowledge I have gained, and practiced over the years with my little camera or knowledge that was gracioiusly passed down to me, and of course I was excited to go on this new adventure with three willing hearts. 

I was thrilled to have just one person contact me about about my one-on-one sessions, having 3 ladies come out was more than I dreamed of. I'll be the first to say that I don't know everything nor am I the most eloquent of teachers {I stumble over my words ... and it only gets worse when I'm nervous}, but I do love to learn. Note I said learn, not teach. 

If I can give of myself and help teach all that I have learned to those that are willing, then all my learning can hopefully turn into someone else's learning and so on and so forth. A little lady who I now call my friend showed me just how that worked, Kristen Leigh turned my whole photography world upside down in just one week by opening up her home and her heart by teaching all that she could to me, and my friends Jessica and Julia.  Though I can't give up an entire week to do what Kristen did for me, I can definitely give up a few hours here and there to do the same for other. My mama taught me that sharing is caring, hopefully this makes her proud.
Any ways our time together was short but jam packed with learning, sharing, shooting, laughing and eating ... and we did it all in just 3 hours but I'm sure we could have gone on for days. I taught/re-taught these ladies how to shoot manual and get off of auto and they did quite well. Considering shooting manual is basically math + lighting+ problem solving skills + lots of lots of buttons. They were champs I tell you, and they kept me on my toes with questions and scenarios galor. Let me introduce them to you.
This is Jen, the brave one. 
Jill was the first to inquire about my one-on-one session just hours after I posted it on my blog. I won't ever forget the feeling I had when I saw her email sitting in my inbox, I think I had butterflies and was thankful for just one reply {those a few followed after}. Thank you again Jill for being brave with me. Jill has a beautiful family and has one sweet little blog: Our Daily Big Top, go check it out.
Jill was the second brave soul, who thankfully Jen invited to come along turning a 1 on 1 into a 2 on 1. More is always merrier I think, and it was a treat to have another beautiful mother to fill the room with her wonderful smile. Watch out because these two beautiful soccer moms are now budding paparazzi on that soccer field, they are proud of their kidos and love taking pictures of them.
Lastly we have Emily. A friend who was in town for the week from Connecticut and wanted to sit in on our session. Though I must say Emily already knows a ton about photography herself, and has pictures from studying abroad in Europe that make me want to cry they're so pretty. Cross your fingers friends, because this pretty lady will hopefully be a VA/DC girl via work in the coming months ... and maybe we can find her  Mr. Perfect/the next Mr. President to sweep her off her feet like every girl deserves.
Most of our day was spent in my dinning room willing our brains with more and more information, but I made sure that we also filled tummies with goodness too. Thanks mom for preparing our lunch, I couldn't have done it without you!
So there you have it folks. My very first one on one session went off without a hitch, and I too learned alot from out time together. I didn't know how much fun this would be and I'm happy to say that one on one sessions are here to stay, and I'll be meeting with two new wonderful ladies again this weekend for some more one on one fun!!!
Jill, Jen and Emily thanks for spending the day with me and allowing me to share all that I could!

***If you're interested in your own one-on-one session please email me at ica.images@gmail.com


  1. Fun post!! It was a great time and I did learn so much from you. I find myself repeating the order of what I need to remember when shooting manual. Thanks again for your time, creativity and enthusiasm.

  2. I agree with Jen - it was really fun and informative! I've been practicing a lot so I don't lose what I learned. Thanks for making it so interesting and understandable.

  3. how about me? when can i have one on one session with you?

  4. yikes, again i forgot to put my name..

    Joy Salera