Apr 13, 2011

Personal: Mr. Remo's birthday

April 1st {April fools Day} was my boyfriend's birthday.
 I decided not to fool him this year, for the first time ever ... so we had a joke free wonderful April 1st. Here's how we celebrated.
I met his 5th grade class for the first time and visited him at work. 
Though I've heard plenty of stories of his students, and have graded a handful of their homework assignments and tests; this was the first time I got to put faces to the names I've heard time and time again.
Yup, I go out with a handsome 5th grade teacher and he even sings to me and his classroom some times.
I did get to surprise him a little while he was making sure his students got onto their buses when school let out. He also gave me some time while he waited for the few student's who's parents were running late in the main office ... as I was upstairs in his classroom preparing a little birthday surprise. 
{And when I say little, I mean little.}
I turned on a few LED tea candles {I know full well not to light real ones on school property}, made a little sign, drew out 2 tickets to a concert we're seeing this weekend, and gave him a stash of yummy cookies {hidden behind the tickets} and topped it off with a handmade card. We're simple people and thankfully he loved it all.

My favorite part of my visit was when he introduced me to his classroom. He introduced me first as his best friend and ....... girl friend. I love being his best friend.
The rest of his birthday was spent hanging out this his family and a handful of our friends at his sister's house. Despite feeling a little sick at the end of the night, I had a great time celebrating with him.

Mr. Remo, Thank you for introducing me to your class as your best friend, and for letting me visit your class my dear, you make me soo proud. I see how your students look at you and how they respect you, as well as your fellow teachers, you are loved. You're birthday was too fun and I can't wait to continue the {late} celebrating this weekend. Happy April, fool. Jk, love you!

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  1. you two are so sweet! i love reading your blog and get excited when you mention my fave brooke fraser...then you go and love kina grannis too! i think we share great taste :)