Apr 28, 2011

Wedding: Jordan & Jessica

This wedding season started off with a wedding that melted my little heart.
When we first met, you could see it in Jessica's eyes how much she loved Jordan just by saying his name. It wasn't until their wedding day that I finally had the pleasure of meeting Jordan. And let me tell you. The way he looked at Jessica all day, the way he held her, it was the same look that Jessica had in her eyes that the mention of his name.
This is the way love should be.

I must say a little something about the girls in Jessica's Bridal party,

Not only are these girls beautiful, but these girls were the biggest sweethearts and made me feel so welcomed and loved.
As for the fellas, well these guys made sure I kept laughing all day. You guys are quite the bunch.
Maybe I'm just a big ole sap but I'm pretty sure I've teared up, if not flat out cried at every wedding I'm a part of. This wedding was no exception and this was the moment I fought hard to keep it together. I love love, and the only thing more beautiful than love is the love of my Savior. To see two people in love, worshipping on the biggest day of their lives fills my heart to the very brim.
After the ceremony at the back of the church these two love birds giggled, and smiled, and kissed and celebrated being Mr. and Mrs. for the first time by themselves for just a moment or two, it's something I won't ever forget.
Now for the party.
A fine group of people I tell ya.

The thing I love most about your love Jordan and Jessica is that your love is so joyful and fun. Contagious even, and I'm blessed to have been there on your big day.
I like to call this one a "wedding in a bag". These girls are the cutest.

It's weddings like these, people and families like these that make me appreciate the job I've been given that much more.

To Jessica and Jordan, thank you times a million for letting me be apart of your wedding day and your lives and for blessing my life by simply knowing you both. I know the Lord has a beautiful and wonderful plan for your marriage and your future.


  1. im from manila and i just want to say thank u for sharing your blogs. im not sure but i think i landed at your page from reading enjoyyourself (which was just a random google result)

    i don't have a trained eye but looking at your pictures...i feel like i am reading a riveting storybook or i'm watching a movie and even before i'm done with one entry i feel like i'm transported to a diff, a world that is so full of life! Sometimes when i look at your shots i feel like you were capturing a moment or a story that no one else can. Like you're opening the eyes of your viewers and challenging their perspective.

    Im sure that's just some ordinary compliment a super galing photographer gets from a fan but basta i love your blogs not just because of those amazing shots but also because of the stories, the life in them, love, creativity & fresh ideas and most of all the constant acknowledgement of the Source of all the good stuff in your life...the Lord.

    thanks again for sharing your blog. :)

  2. Jes thank you soo much! {Salamat po} I've been so blessed by your words of encouragement and your kindness. It means alot to me, and in turn I pray that God continues to bless you in return.

  3. Hey Jess, Jordan and Ica,

    The pictures look fantastic. And your wedding was crazy pretty. Jordan, I hope to see you again soon brother.


  4. beeeeaut! :) Love the colours, and the portraits are so cute!