Apr 27, 2011

Engaged: Sarah & Dave

So a little while back I finally had the pleasure of putting a face to a name I've known for a few years. Sarah, was suppose to be the 4th intern during my internship with my friend Kristen two years ago, and it's only now that we've finally been able to meet. Due to certain circumstances she wasn't able to make it to our internship, but still God had big plans on allowing us to be friend eventually. Now Sarah is engaged, and is getting married to her soon-to-be husband Dave.
I'm never gonna forget the day we met Sarah {hehe} and I'm thankful to now call you friend. It's comforting to know I share the same story with someone out there. And as similar as our lives have been, and as close as we live to each other ... I can't believe it took all this time to finally get together. Dave is very blessed to have you in his life and I'm so glad the Lord brought you two together.
Dave and Sarah share a love that is both sweet, and simple. 
It was a treat to spend an afternoon with these two in lovely Annapolis, MD.
^ This has got to be my favorite. Sarah is too cute.
Sarah's pretty little hair piece is handmade by this little shop right here.

Happy Wedding Week Sarah and Dave! Thanks again for letting be part of your lives. Congrats to you both and be blessed.

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