May 17, 2011

Portraits: Kara & Cliff

A while ago I took a trip up to New York all by myself.
After a 4 hour bus ride, hailing my first taxi cab in NYC and a lovely brunch with my cousin who lives in the city, I had a simply wonderful afternoon taking photos of a couple who spend most of their year on opposite sides of the country.
Meet Kara and Cliff.
Both originally from sunny California, but because of school Kara is now living in NYC.
I have a super soft spot for couples in long distance relationships because I know what that's like. It's hard, trying, sometimes lonely, but when you can make it work you know it's a relationship worth fighting for. Living on opposite sides of the country has to be difficult, I'm so touched to see that when it comes to love for these twos, distance is only a number and it won't and can't stop them. Love is a beautiful thing I tell ya.
And Kara you are also truly beautiful.

Legs for days.
This is Cliff. If you could see the look in his eyes when he talks about Kara, or looks at Kara, or holds Kara you could tell he's head over heals for his lady. 
Smitten by them yet?
Adorbs I tell ya.
There's something about romance in the city, 
... It looks good on everyone.
Mama mia Kara, your dress and those legs. You're too hot.
This next shot I must admit was one I had to really work for. 
This is what I had to do to get it.
Get underneath a parked truck.

 ***Please don't try this at home, or ever. This probably wasn't the smartest thing I've done,
 but it definitely paid off in the end. I'm sure we've all had these moments while shooting.***
So Sweet huh?
Kara and Cliff you two were so much fun to hang out with and I had a great time running around downtown shooting with you guys.


  1. Going under the truck LOL! Whatever it takes to get the shot. Major props!

  2. AHHH I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! So excited about them

  3. Love these and the story they tell!

  4. these are so so so gorgeous. such an absolutely beautiful couple and I'm loving how you captured the big city feeling. stunning!

  5. beautiful and stunning, the couple is amazing and so are the photos!
    can i ask you please which lens do you used the most time and how you get this gorgeous colors in your picutres?

  6. they are so cute! and shes soo gorgeous! i love this sister!

  7. thanks guys :) you all are the sweetest!

    @magnolia i use a nikon 50 1.4 or 35 1.8, as for the colors ... i use lightroom 3 to edit and have built my own presets to get the coloring the same everytime. i'm not sure if that helps. but shoot me an email @ if you want me to go into detail.

  8. These are GORGEOUS! Love love love her dress! <3