May 18, 2011

Inspiration: Vivian Maier

I was up way past any normal sort of bed time last night because of photographs. Not just any photographs, but photographs that are so real, and honest, and brilliant I was literally brought to tears flipping through them. I don't know how I landed on her images, but last night was the first time I stumbled upon the photography of Vivian Maier.

I was incredibly moved reading about her life and looking at her images,
 it's really given me a new love and respect for photography and what I leave behind when this life is through.

Vivian Maier was no world class photographer in her time, she was a nanny, a care giver who simply roamed the streets of New York, Chicago capturing life as it happened all around her on her days off. She never showed her images with others, nor did she see her entire body of work in her own lifetime. This woman is incredible, I seriously want to cry I'm so amazed.

I think I just found my all time favorite, and if you haven't seen her work or know her story I hope you head over here 
and find as much inspiration as I have from her body of work.

Ps. Now after seeing her work, and getting a taste of Jose Villa's Fine Arts book, I'm truly considering going film.
 If not all film I'm definitely considering keeping film on me at all times now. I miss being in a dark room.


  1. I know!!! I found Vivian Maier's work about a year ago and was completely transfixed!! Her photos are stunning in their simplicity.
    I love, love, love, LOVE them. :)

  2. Hello. Ica. Those photos are so cool. Vivian Maier's work is so inspiring!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

    I have often looked at yours before but never followed it. (not quite sure why) But anyway-I have always loved looking at your photography. Simple Beautiful!

    ~Briony Katie~

  3. yesssss...don't you miss film??? i could spend hours and hours in the dark room. le sigh. i've probably mentioned this to you before, but you should look into polaroid transfers if you've never done them before - i feel like you'd be obsessed. if you ever want to borrow my polaroid developer, you know where to find me ;)

  4. Wow. These photos took me way back in time. I have never tried film but I've always wanted to. I haven't stepped inside a dark room either.

    By the way, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. (:

  5. Ica, she's the most amazing photographer! a friend of mine showed me some of her work a few months back and it has definitely brought my love of film back! she's really pulled me into medium format and i just got my first roll of film developed. She's my biggest inspiration!