May 26, 2011

Us: Our dates

I use to be better about keeping track of "us" here on this blog.
I want to do better ...
because the stories of "us" are just as important to me as your stories,
the stories you let me capture and share with the world everyday.
I love us. Our dates, our conversations and our silliness. I love it all.
A while ago me and the boyfriend went to Jammin Java to watch a show for his birthday present, it was amazing.
Both the The Imaginary Friend and Kina Grannis were incredible, I love good music but I love good live music even better.
It was our first time hearing The Imaginary Friend, and let me just say we both instantly fell in love with his music, and he was such a sweetheart and is letting me use his music on my website {You'll be hearing it soon}.
Lastly we stuck around for a meet and greet to end out little date.
{Thankfully one of Tim's highschool friend took this picture for us to keep forever. My camera could be overwhelming for most people haha}

Hope all you love birds out there are enjoying your time with your special someone!


  1. This is a really cute post! I love hearing other love birds stories :) thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't mean to be nosy, but why aren't you two getting married? I mean, you are SUCH an adorable couple and you've been dating for YEARS...