May 30, 2011

Wedding: Joseph & Christina {Naval Academy Ceremony; Annapolis, MD}

Happy Memorial day to you all!

In lue of this wonderful holiday and in honor of all the men and women who serve to protect us each and every day, I wanted to share this weekend's wedding with you. I had the incredible opportunity to shoot a beautiful, intimate military wedding. Hope you enjoy!!

This singular moment is one I will never forget, and helped me and my second shooter {My best friend, Em} get to know my bride and her wonderful family.
Christina, the bride and her sister are closer than close and share a bond that is so special. While Christina was doing her sister's Jenny's hair I asked who's older and Christina replied,

"I'm older, but she {her baby sister} is my role model."

Em and I fought hard to push away tears because we were so touched. After spending the whole day with their family you can definitely tell it runs in the family.
Now get ready for some Navy goodness.
Joshua, the groom graduated from the Naval Academy the day before their wedding and is now a Ensign and wore is whites to his wedding, it was incredible.
First look magic. He saw her, she saw him and they beamed.
Christina rocked her Texas pride with her incredible orange peeptoes. Awesome shoes make me smile.
After seeing each other for the first time that day Joshua took us around the Academy
to take more pictures, and I felt so honored and spoiled it was all so regal.
There ceremony was held in none other than the Naval Academy Chapel itself which was one breath taking sight.
And with 30 of their closest friends and family they said I do and became man and wife, or Ensign and wife if you will.
That last thing we did on campus was one for the record books. With special permission we were allowed to shoot in the Superintendent's garden. The Sup's garden was a treat for not just me, but a first time for the bride and groom and their immediate family also.
I'm still on a high from their wedding day I was so blessed and honored to have been part of it. Christina and Joseph's love is so precious and their wedding was the most perfect way to celebrate this holiday weekend. A awesome shout out goes to my best friend Em-em for being my 2nd and I love you for sticking with me the whole day.

*Stay tuned for their Baltimore reception,
yes Annapolis ceremony and Baltimore reception. It was just as grand and filled with just as much love if not more. It's too much goodness for one blog post so keep checking back friends. Happy Memorial day!!!


  1. Oh goodness. The one of Joseph dipping Christina in the gazebo is l.o.v.e.l.y... !!

  2. beautiful pictures!! I love her vale!!! it has incredible lace detail!

  3. Hi there Ica! I'm Kelsey from MN, and I've been following you for quite a while (since RJ's big party, I think--she's my blogger-friend:), but this is the first time I've commented.
    I just had to tell you that these pictures are beyond belief...they are so gorgeous. The bride and groom are radiant, and what an incredible place to shoot a wedding in!! You did a really wonderful job capturing all of that beauty.
    I think my favorite is when they first see each other, because it's not only him being blown away.
    And that gazebo shot. <3

    Keep up the amazingness, girl!
    Kelsey :o)