Jul 21, 2011

Portraits: Holmes Family {Part 2}

A few weekends ago I got to spend a beautiful Saturday morning with a beautiful family..
Meet the Holmes Family, again.
They have a beautiful home and quite a beautiful back yard.
Tire swing included.
I don't know if you remember these guys. It's been a long time coming {2 years actually} since I last shot them, now we were finally able to finish the last leg of their "Christmas present" to their mom; a complete family photoshoot.
Two Christmas' ago, yes two ... the Holmes kids gave me a call to do a shoot for their family in two parts. First was photos of just the kids, the second part was portraits of the whole family after Christmas. Here are their parents and the reason for all these pretty pictures.
Even the lovely ladies of the Holmes' men are amazing, and complete this family like pieces to a puzzle.
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Holmes, your love is something so beautiful. 
Your home, your family, and your kindness is contagious and I was so honored to be in your company. 
Ps. Mrs. Holmes that blue wedding dress of yours is one of the most beautiful dresses ever.
Happy Thursday friends!

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  1. Really lovely shots and the lightened feel of them adds to the joyful, sun-kissed atmosphere you created. I hope all those lovely people live 'happily ever after' :)

    This Good Life