Oct 4, 2011

Engaged: Jennifer & David

"Like a tall glass of lemonade when it's burning hot on a summer day, you're exactly what i need." - Jeremy Passion 
So ... this has got to be one of my favorite shoots of all time. I had the most fun with my ammazing second shooter/assistant/boyfriend by my side and though the day was really hot ... work did not feel like work one bit. And to top it off Jennifer and David spoiled me rotten with their good looks, a venue to die for and the sun ... ohhhhh the sun!!! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.
They are so hot I could just melt!

It was sometime last year that I met up with David and Jennifer to talk photos, and though it was my first time meeting Jennifer ... I feel like I've known her for years. David and Jennifer feel like old friends of mine, a friendship well worn in and comfortable. But then again that's just who they are as a couple. 
David and Jennifer love each other with a very comfortable, well worn in kind of love. They know each other so well, what the other likes and dislikes, what the other would say, feel or think ... before actually saying what's on their mind. They know exactly how to take care of each other and they always know how to have fun.
I'm so thankful that David and I met through our old jobs a few years ago. When we met he told me he was engaged to a pretty little Filippina and could tell I was Filippino too. We talked and even back then his eyes would light up simply mentioning her name. This guy was truly in love, and things haven't changed.
Geez .... You guys are such a beautiful couple.

We had an extra model during their photoshoot who loved the attention.
Fancy's her name, and modeling is her game, she was an amazing addition to our shoot.
I know what you're thinking it.
 Jennifer really does have the best hair, and makeup, and clothes ... and my gosh she's gorgeous. She really is.

Only Badgley Mischka could make a dress that glamorous. 
I dreamt about that dress for a few days after the shoot, it was that amazing.

Now for my favorite part of their shoot.
All their idea.
Jennifer and David you guys are tooo much fun and I love you guys to bits and pieces. You both, and your families are simply amazing for having me and Tim over for dinner and swimming after your shoot. {Yes .. we all jumped in after our shoot. Who could pass up that opportunity?} I can not wait for your wedding.

Some of the details: Location- Artemis Riding Academy / Makeup - Christina Miller {FB}

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  1. Woah! This shoot is absolutely amazing and they are a HOT couple! I esp love the pool shoot.. sooo much fuunnn!!