Oct 5, 2011

Personal: Identity

It's fall! It's a brand new season. Wahoo!

I'm so thankful for such a full summer of fun, and weddings. Though it's been a rollercoaster of crazy, I'm thankful that with each season comes growth and change. Things can't stay the same forever nor should they and I'm learning to embrace each season as it come, when it comes. With this wedding season coming to a close I'm excited for what's just around the corner. Lots or regrouping, rest, reevaluating and lots of time to learn and grow.
I've been waiting all year long for the Identity Conference and now we're only a month away.

My flight is booked, my ticket reserved, but most of all my heart is ready. 
I'm alot of things, a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, photographer, business woman, but at the end of the day I find my indentity in Christ. I am"rooted and built up in him ... overflowing with thankfulness {Colossians 2:7}." He's the reason I've been so blessed with this job that I love and the reason why I keep stiving to grow and be better.

We are each blessed with specific talents, passions and callings. The mission of Identity Conference is to help empower, and equip young entrepreneurs with the tools they need to continue to succeed and bring glory to God with their businesses. For months I've been hungry for something like this and now that I've found it I've gotta share. If you are in the Southern California area, or are able to fly out there next month {the weekend of the 12th} and want to join me and a few friends ...

 ... Register now!!! Like right now!
Because A. It's going to be awesome B. It's free.

Hope to see you guys out there, and if you do go please email me, or tweet me and let's meet up!

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